Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stroller Striders

I went to the Gym on Base this morning with Lily to attend the Stroller Striders class. There were 4 other moms there and it was fun to walk and talk and just get out of the house. It will be twice a week so I hope to fit it in and be more active. I have started recording my exercise on my calendar that way I can see how much I am actually doing weekly to make sure that I am getting enough. Now if I can just eat the right things...

T bought a car off of ebay yesterday- it is a 2001 Land Rover Discovery- he is so excited and I am excited for him. He has been searching for a car for awhile and I think he is happy with the deal he got. We have to go to CT to pick it up this weekend- he may take the train and just go by himself though since it will be a lot of driving for the kids.

Well, Noah is whining and crying for someone to play with- AGAIN. I have got to find something for him to do that will be fun that he will like to do and not feel he always needs a friend to play with.

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