Friday, March 16, 2007

8-12 inches of snow tonight?!!

I have been having spring fever in the biggest way lately, especially since alot of the snow that has been on the ground for the last 2 months has melted. But, the forcast shows that we are supposed to have 8-12 inches of snow tonight and then tomorrow it will be a wintry mix of rain and sleet and ice. Oh well, maybe spring will get here sometime soon.

Teresa Steuber moved a couple of weeks ago. I will miss her and hanging out with her during the week. We had a lot in common with each other as well we both love to scrapbook. They transferred to a base in NY about 5 hours away.

Still don't have a calling yet at church. I don't understand why I haven't been called yet and am trying not to take it personally. I do know that I don't feel very spiritual these days and am having a hard time being enthusiastic about this ward. I think when we first got here I was excited about it because it was new, but now that we have been here for 9 months and I see how this ward is, it's nothing to be excited about. I don't want to be a complainer, but we have been spoiled being in Keflavik Branch and the Dutch Fork Ward. I believe this is probably a test for me to see how much I grow during this time or how stale I get. I have to admit that I'm getting stale.

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