Thursday, March 15, 2007

My baby girl is 1 year old today!

Since I haven't written in awhile I thought it would be fitting today to take some time and reflect a little bit about sweet Lily. It's hard to believe that she is having her first birthday today. I look back on the year and can truly say that it has been such a wonderful experience being her mother. She is so sweet and beautiful and has a smile for me every morning, actually everytime she wakes up. She makes our family complete and we all just adore her.

Lily loves food! That is no surprise since the rest of us do too. She loves peas, oranges, cheerios, wheat chex, pretzels, pickles, beans, cheese just to name a few. She is very open to trying new things and doesn't turn down much.

Lily loves to feed Minnie! When she is through with eating she starts sending all of it over the side of her highchair for Minnie. And of course Minnie is her biggest fan. She is always lurking around her highchair. She also likes to use Minnie's back for a table because she is just the right height!

Lily loves to get into everything! She is a walking demolition derby and can take down a room in no time at all. She is especially fond of the dishwasher and loves to play with the silverware. She also likes to put things in the toilet- books, clothes, silverware...

Lily is a snugglebear! She loves to cuddle and sleeps best right in the middle of Mommy and Daddy. She is such an angel when she sleeps.

Lily has a temper! I am seeing it more and more now as she is busy walking around and exploring things and she hates to be held back in anyway. She threw her first tantrum when we were in Target and I let her get out of the cart when I tried some clothes on. Then she was off and running and it was impossible to get her back in.

Lily hates the carseat! Pretty much anytime she has to get in the carseat she starts screaming and bucking around like a horse. It doesn't take long for her to settle down again but it is not always fun to calm her down.

Lily loves Harry! She always says Ki when she sees him and her eyes light up.

Life with you Lily is just awesome!

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