Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Man on Campus

That's my Noah, the B.M.O.C. I didn't realize just how popular he really was until I went to have lunch with him yesterday at school. He has lots of friends and a few kids asked if they could sit with him, but he pulled out a list he'd made of the friends he wanted to sit with him. (OK Noah, where is your tact). I noticed all of the lunch ladies knew him by name and he just seemed to own the place. I had Katy with me and he was very proud to show her off to everyone, and at least 10 people told me that she looks just like Noah. Mrs. Ringrose says that he is just a great guy and she has really enjoyed having him in her class this year. He just naturally seems to be a leader, (I wonder where he gets that from) and it's a great quality to have. I'm happy he has had such a wonderful beginning to his school career here in ME at Coffin School. I hope that he will have just as good an experience in GA for the next school year while T is away. I don't worry about him too much because he learns things quickly and is quite the social butterfly.


Anonymous said...

Noah is getting so big! It doesn't surprise me that he is so popular. Is he still using his "designer backpack from Germany?" I'm sure he'll love being close to his cousins soon.
Jody & SHelby

Meredith said...

Yes, he was using his "designer backpack from Germany" for the whole year, but I think he wants to retire it now. Do you think we got our money's worth?