Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I heart Maine

It was such a beautiful day today with sun, easy breezes, and low humidity. I decided to take a drive with the girls after lunch, hoping they would fall asleep, but also because I wanted to see the water. I drove over to Cundy's Harbour because I hadn't been there before and wanted to check it out. There isn't much to it; a restaurant, general store, marina....but the water was so pretty, almost emerald looking against the dark rocks. Then we drove down to Orr's Island and Bailey Island and stopped along the way to get ice cream. Lily loves "ice tream tones" and is so happy when she gets one. She never actually eats much of it, just licks it until it melts and makes a mess, then she's done. Neither one of them fell asleep, and actually Katie cried quite a bit of the time, but it was still nice. Taking a drive on a day like today makes me feel alive and ready to explore. I think I'll take them again soon when I have my camera with me and I'll let Lily get out and explore the beach and collect shells. Maine is so beautiful and it makes me sad to be leaving soon. I have mixed feelings about moving onto our next adventure because part of me wants to go ahead and get the move over with and get settled in GA, but then a part of me really likes it here and will miss it.

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