Monday, June 02, 2008


We spent Memorial Day weekend traveling to Ottawa so that Travis could take part in the ING Marathon. It was also a good excuse to see a new place and make a family trip out of it.

Ottawa is a beautiful city where everything is in French and English. The weather was great- sunny with temps in the 70's. We stayed downtown at the Crown Plaza on the 24th floor with an awesome view of the river. We had a nice room, but it was a little small for the 5 of us. Lily and Noah would sit on the ledge by the window and say "let's look at the city", "let's eat our snack and look at the city", and sometimes we would tell them "go look at the city!"
While we were there we spent time walking around downtown exploring looking for restaurants, checking out the local markets, and seeing the sights. I think our favorite restaurant by far was St. Hubert! They are a chain and serve roasted chicken with gravy. Their sign has a silly looking chicken on it, so you think you're getting a casual place, but it's really a pretty nice. Travis and Noah could not stop talking about the gravy so we had to make sure we ate there before we left Canada and found one right on the border. Another fun place that we went to twice was Midway, a Family Fun Center with games, go carts, and a jungle gym. It was a nice place to take the kids to get some extra energy out. Travis and I also enjoyed going to this nice Mediterranean Market where we got a little sampling of things: hummus, falafel, olives, and several kinds of baklava.
We totally enjoyed our trip even with the hairy moments that happen with 3 kids. Thank goodness we have a DVD player in the van because it really helps on long trips. We watched "Annie" for the first time and the kids loved it so much that they wanted to be orphans. Our favorite songs were "NYC" and "Easy Street" and we were singing them even when we weren't watching it! The next trip we will be taking is to GA at the end of the month, but we will be flying, so that should be alot of fun. Not!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good trip, all things considered. I know you have your next trip planned, but I'm hoping that we can get together again for a family vacation or something. Shelby and I are going to cruise up the Rhine River if she is feeling up to it this weekend, then down into Austria and Switzerland as soon as she is well from her surgeries and all. Right now flights out of Frankfurt are TOO HIGH to go anywhere, but then again, at >$4.25/gallon of gas, it's not cheap to drive either!