Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sisterly Love

Lily just loves Katy! But, she also loves to sit on, lay on, roll over on, scratch, bite, and pinch her too. It's so hard right now to give Lily all the attention that she craves. She was the baby before Katy came along and she still wants to be the baby. When she feels like she is not getting the attention that she needs she starts to whine and cry, and fall apart. When that doesn't work she turns up the volume and then continues to whine, cry, and fall apart. We know that this is the way things are right now and are hoping that things will get better as Katy gets older and they can actually play together.

Revised 6-11-08
Katie was laying on her baby Einstein playmat on the floor and Lily was laying next to her playing with her. It seemed like things were OK for a minute so I went in the kitchen, but just a minute or so later I hear Katie scream so I went to check it out and she's not on the mat anymore and Lily is standing over by the love seat looking guilty with her hands behind her back. She had dragged Katie off the mat over behind the love seat and she was laying on the hardwood floor. Of course I let Lily know that wasn't nice and to stop doing things like that to Katie, but it made me laugh a little because this is such typical Lily behavior these days.

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