Friday, August 01, 2008

It's August!

Yesterday I took the kids to the Children's Museum in Portland. It was fun for them because it was all interactive and there were tons of kids there, so they were able to just be kids! They did all sorts of fun stuff: camped, climbed trees, worked at a saw mill, dressed up and performed on a stage, played in a fire truck, spun the earth, and had a sushi picnic. But, I think their favorite part was playing in the toddler area with Lily and Katy. Lily was fascinated by this tube that had air blowing out of it that kept a beach ball in the air. She kept grabbing the beach ball and looking into the hole. Then she decided to put her face directly over it and it blew her hair all of the place- it was too cute!

Last night we went to dinner with Travis' replacement. We took him to the Bath House of Pizza which was the first place we went to eat when we arrived here. It was highly recommended to us and I remember thinking " what's so great about this place, it's a dump." But, after living here for over 2 years we have come to know that it's these kinds of places that are not fancy, that have the best food.

It's August and the weather has been so great the last few days with temps in the 70's, not too hot or humid and cool in the evenings. We've also had some rain, which I love, and we've needed it so even better. I'm going to miss this weather so much because GA in August is soooo hot.

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