Friday, September 26, 2008

The happenings....

I've been looking for a Chiropractor since I got back from my Norfolk trip. Since there's one on every corner around here I thought it would be easy to call one, get an appt, and then an adjustment. But, it wasn't that way at all. It seems like each one had some sort that wasn't sitting well with me. It actually took me almost 2 weeks and 3 different Chiropractors to find one that I liked and felt comfortable with. Her name is Rennie Alampi and she's cool. The atmosphere in the office is relaxing, the adjustment was great, and the therapy felt so good.

I went to the HF&PE meeting at church. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's home family and personal enrichment and it's just for ladies. There was a speaker talking about the importance of reading your scriptures and how it can help you understand the things that happen in your life. There was also a craft table doing decoupage plates. And, an tasting table with all sorts of treats that each sister brought. There were all sorts of goodies, but I think there was more chocolate than anything. And I wasn't complaining!

I took Noah and Lily to the Library yesterday and checked out lots of books. Noah really didn't want to go and was saying he was bored at first, but Lily was really into it. She loves books and it's exciting for her to pick them out and take them home. After awhile Noah was getting into it with her and was picking out the books too. Then we went to Five Guys Burgers for dinner. It was Woodstock Elementary School night so Noah really wanted to go and support his school. We had fun. Later Noah actually thanked me for taking them to dinner!

Noah has been practicing the piano and is doing well. He's getting pretty good at "When the Saints Go Marching In." I have also been looking at violins on craigslist and am looking forward to getting one soon. I can't wait to start playing again. I also think that Noah and I can have some fun playing together. I actually looked at one today that someone in Woodstock is selling, and it felt so good to hold it. But, it's not quite what I'm looking for, and besides that, she went up on her negotiable price from the original ad. Hmmmm....

We went to Carol's tonight for dinner and the kids had a water balloon fight. That seems to be the thing to do when we go to Aunt Carol's. We were talking about the state of our country right now. The gas shortages in Atlanta, the financial bailout, the upcoming election... things are really tough right now for so many people. She said she was actually sad this week thinking about all the things going on and wondering how it can get better. It just doesn't seem possible that it can anytime soon.

We all miss Travis. While we were at Carol's Lily just asked me out of the blue "where's my Daddy?" It's been awhile since she's seen him on the webcam and it's probably time to do that again soon.

Monday, September 22, 2008

"Flowers for Meredith Mortimer"

What a wonderful surprise to open the door and hear that! Travis, thanks for these lovelies, receiving them just made my day. The picture doesn't do them justice and they smell fabulous. I absolutley love them and you! Miss you too.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


The new ward we're in has church from 1:00-4:00, and it's taking some getting used to. It's nice not having to get up early and rush to get there on time, but it's also during naptime so the kids are harder to handle. I'm sure we'll adjust eventually. Noah seems to like his Primary class and Lily seems to like the nursery, and that's a great thing because I want them to want to go each week. Miss Katy is so friendly and happy and gets lots of attention.

So after getting home I had to put Katy down for a much needed nap. Noah went next door to Miss Jo's and practiced the piano for 20 minutes and then Lily decided to write all over herself with markers. That is so typical Lily these days, she's such a 2 year old!

I think I'm going to veg out for the rest of the evening. I miss Travis.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Miss Lily performs her gymnastics routine attempting a split and then a back bend. She watches the neighbor girls and then tries to copy them. It's so cute! She is actually pretty good and I may look into getting her into a tiny tots tumbling class at the Park & Rec Center.

My new hairdo!

Well, I did it. After weeks of thinking about it and warning Travis that I was thinking about it, I got my hair cut! It was about that time anyway because every few years I get it cut short and then grow it out again. And, lately Katie has been pulling my hair all the time.....believe me, that is not fun. I like it- it's sassy and change is good!

The girls are both napping at the same time ( a miracle) and that has allowed me some time to mess around with my blog and change a few things. Again, change is good!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday happenings

Noah is on Fall Break this week, so to keep him from being too bored, I enrolled him in a day camp at the local Parks & Rec Center. They go bowling, roller skating, to the movies and other fun kids stuff. Noah loves to be involved in things like this and was excited to go. The pick up time is between 4:00 & 6:00 pm, and since today was his first day I decided to pick him up at 4:00 just in case he was ready to leave. He had a good time and was a little disappointed that I picked him up so early. So, the rest of the week I have been informed that I don't need to pick him up before 6:00!

Katy had her 9 month well baby appt. She is doing great and is as healthy as ever! She has been so cute this week with pulling herself up to stand next to things and crawling. She has been working on the crawling thing for awhile and is really starting to make tracks all over the place.

Lily doesn't have preschool this week either, but she is happy doing anything as long as it's with me. She is quick to point out "it's just you and me, me and you, and not Katy" when it's just the two of us. So, when I said we are going to the store, "just you and me" she was happy! We went to get a few things to put in Daddy's care package and then we went to the post office to mail it. She also helped me with washing the car... "just you and me, me and you."

I looked at a violin today because I have seriously been thinking about playing again. It's been so many years and I'm sure I would need a few lessons to refresh things for me, but I think it would be fun, especially now that Noah is taking piano lessons.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back from Virginia......

I just got back this afternoon from spending a wonderful few days in Norfolk with Travis. It was so relaxing for me to go alone with no kids, just the perfect getaway that I really needed. Surprisingly, I only took 4 pictures on this trip, I guess I was too relaxed to be concerned with it! These pictures were taken at Virginia Beach while we walked around on the boardwalk.

For weeks prior to this trip I had been in touch with and planned to meet up with my dearest childhood friend Michelle. The night I arrived, we had dinner and then met for lunch another day. It had been so many years since we were together, but it felt like old times and we just picked up where we left off. I really enjoyed catching up with her and laughing the way we used to. I hope this is the start of some future get togethers for us!

Travis was a little busy taking care of work things during the day, but not too busy. I was able to sleep in some, finish a great novel, and send email while he was gone. It was so nice that we were able to have some fun together before he left for the next stage of his training. He won't be able to get away again, so this was really goodbye for us. It was hard right at the end for me and I broke down, but I got in the car to start my drive south and soon snapped out of it. He got on a bus and was headed north.....I kept thinking about how we were both traveling in the opposite directions at the same time....weird....... Then a couple of hours into my trip I was listening to my ipod and an unfamiliar song came on that made me start bawling.........Travis happened to call as I was bawling and I asked him about it, and he said he put it on there a few weeks ago. It was sweet! I was really in the zone listening to music and singing that I was able to make the 600 mile trip in 9.5 hours.

I really want my mom, Carol, and Tonia to know how much I appreciate them taking care of the kids while I was gone. It meant the world to me to have those few days away. I love you guys!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

This and that

The dress Katy is wearing was mine when I was a baby. My Mom was exited when I got it out to take a picture of Katy in it. She said "this dress is about 40 years old"...gee Mom, please don't remind me!

Katy in the 60's fashions.
Nana making Katy smile.
Now this was scaring me a bit when Noah decided
to take Katy for a ride on the bus, but she loved it.
She had no problems holding on and didn't seem
the least bit scared .

Lily was not too happy about Katy riding
on her bus and let me know about it straight
away. She has a hard time sharing right now,
but we're working on it.
This week has had it's challenges with Travis being gone and the kids getting adjusted to that. We have had moments of fun, frustration, sadness, happiness... pretty normal I guess. One of the highlights for them is to see Daddy on the webcam. Going to the gym has been really good for me and I went to a Body Combat class for the first time yesterday. It was high energy and pretty challenging with lots of punching and kicking. It felt great!
Noah has been getting used to doing homework every night and going to bed earlier because he has to catch the bus so early. Lily has a new princess lunch box and will stay for lunch bunch tomorrow. We have discovered a snack she likes called Pirate Booty. It's really cute when she asks for it. Katy loves to be around Noah and Lily and is quite the Momma's girl.
I've always been spoiled having Travis around because he is so handy, and he just takes care of things. So, when my Mom bought a book case that needed to be assembled, I was looking forward to the challenge of putting it together myself. It didn't take long before I was
totally frustrated with the whole thing and wanted to throw up my hands, but I stuck with it and put it together all by myself! I have to admit that it felt good to take out my frustrations hammering in those nails. That was actually fun. But, I told Mom that I could totally understand now why Travis hates to assemble anything like that. I understand now dear!

Monday, September 01, 2008

He's leavin' on a jet plane...

We took Travis to the airport this morning to send him off on his deployment. Although I will see him one more time next week, the kids won't, so this was really good-bye for them. Noah was sad and was asking why Dad had to go away and when he got back, would he would have to go away again. Lily was just as disagreeable as ever and didn't want to be sweet. Of course she doesn't understand that he is going away for a long time, but I'm sure she will start asking about him soon when he doesn't come back. I know there will be lots of situations like this to come, so I will have to be prepared for them.

On a lighter note, before Travis left we were able to spend some time with our families. It's always nice to get together with family and have some fun.

All the cousins were gearing up for a water balloon
fight, but most of the balloons didn't make it to the
actual battle. But, it was a lot of fun anyway!

Sam gave Travis a sweet going away card.

Mark telling Travis "he's the man!"

Grandpa Crowell and Katy.

Four Generations:
Shirley Crowell
Tom Mortimer
Travis Mortimer
Noah, Lily, and Katy Mortimer