Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back from Virginia......

I just got back this afternoon from spending a wonderful few days in Norfolk with Travis. It was so relaxing for me to go alone with no kids, just the perfect getaway that I really needed. Surprisingly, I only took 4 pictures on this trip, I guess I was too relaxed to be concerned with it! These pictures were taken at Virginia Beach while we walked around on the boardwalk.

For weeks prior to this trip I had been in touch with and planned to meet up with my dearest childhood friend Michelle. The night I arrived, we had dinner and then met for lunch another day. It had been so many years since we were together, but it felt like old times and we just picked up where we left off. I really enjoyed catching up with her and laughing the way we used to. I hope this is the start of some future get togethers for us!

Travis was a little busy taking care of work things during the day, but not too busy. I was able to sleep in some, finish a great novel, and send email while he was gone. It was so nice that we were able to have some fun together before he left for the next stage of his training. He won't be able to get away again, so this was really goodbye for us. It was hard right at the end for me and I broke down, but I got in the car to start my drive south and soon snapped out of it. He got on a bus and was headed north.....I kept thinking about how we were both traveling in the opposite directions at the same time....weird....... Then a couple of hours into my trip I was listening to my ipod and an unfamiliar song came on that made me start bawling.........Travis happened to call as I was bawling and I asked him about it, and he said he put it on there a few weeks ago. It was sweet! I was really in the zone listening to music and singing that I was able to make the 600 mile trip in 9.5 hours.

I really want my mom, Carol, and Tonia to know how much I appreciate them taking care of the kids while I was gone. It meant the world to me to have those few days away. I love you guys!!

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