Thursday, September 04, 2008

This and that

The dress Katy is wearing was mine when I was a baby. My Mom was exited when I got it out to take a picture of Katy in it. She said "this dress is about 40 years old"...gee Mom, please don't remind me!

Katy in the 60's fashions.
Nana making Katy smile.
Now this was scaring me a bit when Noah decided
to take Katy for a ride on the bus, but she loved it.
She had no problems holding on and didn't seem
the least bit scared .

Lily was not too happy about Katy riding
on her bus and let me know about it straight
away. She has a hard time sharing right now,
but we're working on it.
This week has had it's challenges with Travis being gone and the kids getting adjusted to that. We have had moments of fun, frustration, sadness, happiness... pretty normal I guess. One of the highlights for them is to see Daddy on the webcam. Going to the gym has been really good for me and I went to a Body Combat class for the first time yesterday. It was high energy and pretty challenging with lots of punching and kicking. It felt great!
Noah has been getting used to doing homework every night and going to bed earlier because he has to catch the bus so early. Lily has a new princess lunch box and will stay for lunch bunch tomorrow. We have discovered a snack she likes called Pirate Booty. It's really cute when she asks for it. Katy loves to be around Noah and Lily and is quite the Momma's girl.
I've always been spoiled having Travis around because he is so handy, and he just takes care of things. So, when my Mom bought a book case that needed to be assembled, I was looking forward to the challenge of putting it together myself. It didn't take long before I was
totally frustrated with the whole thing and wanted to throw up my hands, but I stuck with it and put it together all by myself! I have to admit that it felt good to take out my frustrations hammering in those nails. That was actually fun. But, I told Mom that I could totally understand now why Travis hates to assemble anything like that. I understand now dear!

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Belinda said...

Katie looks so cute in that dress! I bet she looked just like you when you wore it as a baby as ya'll look almost identical!

So you didn't have much fun with the bookcase huh? Too bad we weren't there to help. Thats what we do twice a week. We put furniture together like that. We had one last night that had no written directions, just a picture and numbers. The problem was nothing was numbered correctly. We finally gave up and wrote it off. lol

Its always a great feeling when you nail in the back though. You get to release some of the frustrations you had with it and can finally say its almost done!