Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

There was a Halloween party at Lily's preschool today and I took Flat Daddy with me to join in the fun. There was also a "costume parade" which is a chance for the parents to take pictures of their kiddos dressed up in their cute costumes. Lily wore her princess costume, but was telling everyone she was a fairy god mouse (we have been reading a book that has a fairy god mouse in it.)

Miss Deanna made the best snack for the kids that I want to try at home. It's called pumpkin pie in a bag and it sounds super easy. You put a can of pumpkin, vanilla pudding, and milk in a Ziploc bag and then squish it all together. Then you cut a hole in the edge of the bag and then squirt it onto graham crackers and then add some whipped cream. It was yummy!

Here are Noah and Lily getting ready to do a quick round of trick or treating in our neighborhood before going over to Aunt Carol's much bigger neighborhood. Noah was a very casual vampire this year, wearing a t-shirt and crocs, but at least he wore fangs part of the time.

Here are the cutest girls in the world. I just LOVE Katy's lion costume, but she didn't like wearing it at all. Miss Jo came over to see the kids in their costumes and she just loved them.

Here are Carol and Tate getting ready to go trick or treating. Tate was such a cute clown and he actually seemed to be having fun. I have to say that even though Halloween is fun, I'm glad it's over for another year.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lunch at Woodstock Elementary

I had lunch with Noah at his school today. I had such a nice time with my sweet son. He was so talkative and thoughtful. He had enough money to buy each of us an ice cream, but it was 11:30 in the morning and I just wasn't in the mood for one. So, I suggested that when he got home from school we could go get an ice cream together since we were planning to get his haircut anyway. He liked that idea.

Also, while we were sitting there talking he handed me a little note about the size of a stamp that was all folded up, and it said "I love you- thank you for coming." That totally melted my heart because he had written it before I got there and was planning to give it to me. So sweet.

I took Flat Daddy with me to lunch and he was a big hit with all of his classmates. They thought he was pretty cool and it wasn't hard to get everyone to pose for a picture with him.

Later when Noah got home from school we went to get his haircut at E's Barber Shop. While we were there they noticed Flat Daddy sitting in the car and asked about it. So, I went out and got him to show them. Today was the first time we actually took him out in public, not just at family gatherings, and I got lots of questions. It was fun.

As promised, we went to Bruster's and Noah and Lily got a strawberry sorbet with sprinkles.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a long day!

The girls were up by 5:15am this morning and it didn't seem like I got much of a break until 8:30pm this evening when everyone was finally in bed. I think I'm just really tired and need more sleep.

Some of the highlights:
  • Lily did great at gymnastics this morning. She follows directions from others so well.
  • Travis sent me a pretty handcarved wooden box. I have this thing for treasure boxes, and we have several from other countries, this one is the biggest and the most rustic in our collection so far.
  • As tradition, Noah and I carved a pumpkin and roasted the pumpkin seeds.
  • A blogger that writes a couple of the blogs that I follow, tracked back to my blog and left me a comment. We have a lot in common and her husband just left on a deployment too.

Well, I'm off to bed and hopefully to a good nights sleep.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Family Fun

We went to Mark and Tonia's today to celebrate Sam, Lucy, & Molly's birthdays. There were 3 different cakes to chose from- homemade cakes I might add!

Today was a beautiful fall day and the kids had a great time playing outside. At one point Mark was throwing a football around with the little boys and the ball came near me so I decided to throw it to hit Mark when his back was turned, but I missed. Of course I throw like a girl. Well, a minute or so later, I turned my back for a second and he did the same thing, but he didn't miss. He hit me right in the face with a popcorn ball. Man, did that hurt... it left a huge red welt on my cheek. Noah ran inside to get me an icepack and everyone was giving Mark a hard time about it. Of course he felt bad because he didn't mean to hit me in the face, just somewhere else on my body. Brothers.

Nana and Katy.............................. Flat Travis with the guys watching football.

The kids opening their presents...................... Beautiful Katy

The kids playing tug of war............................................... Flat Travis and Meredith

Friday, October 24, 2008

Jump Start

I took the girls up to Jasper to meet their cousin Molly at Jump Start. It's a neat place that has inflatable slides and jump around thingy's. I think they had fun- I know I did. Going down the alpine slide was awesome!

For our usual Friday evening outing we went over to Carol's and hung out for a little while before going to dinner. We ended up at Johnny's NY Style Pizza, normally a good pick, but not tonight. Maybe it was this location or that they were packed, but the service and the food was very mediocre. We ended up getting a free pizza out of it without even asking.
Anyway, Noah was invited to spend the weekend at Aunt Carol's because all of the boys were going to be there and he loves to spend time with the boys...Tanner, Tate, Nick & Uncle Ed... poor Carol and all those boys!! So, I left around 8:15 with the very tired and cranky girls to get them to bed. They were both asleep before I hit Arnold Mill Rd, and that's 2 minutes from Carol's house. Once home, I got them both in the bed and they both slept all night except for 1 interruption from Miss Katy around 12:30 AM. It was sooooo nice!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It was a beautiful day and I had the girls outside playing for awhile this afternoon. I always want to take pictures of all the things they do, mundane or exciting, to capture how cute they look. They change so quickly and grow up so fast. It was an especially cute Katy picture day, but of course I still managed to get some of Noah & Lily too. Here's just a few.......I'll save the rest for another time.

Sweet Katy is such a happy baby...... that is until Lily tries to spoil things for her.

Now that's more like it.

Katy and her cute baby behind.................... Ahhh, peaceful nap time.

Noah doing his homework.

Notice the beautiful flowers on the table. Travis knows how much I love flowers, and being the thoughtful husband he is, had them sent to me. Going through a deployment has it's ups and downs, so this was a VERY nice surprise to receive these today. Thank you dear, I love you!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The kids were really cute today playing together. Noah was rolling a ball back and forth to Katy and she was laughing and holding it, and trying to roll it back to him. Soon Lily got in on it and then they were rolling it in between the 3 of them, but that only lasted a couple of minutes before Noah decided it was boring. The next thing I knew he threw the ball really hard at Lily and said "hey Lily do you know what dodgeball is?" She started to cry. I know just what Lily is going through because I have a big brother that was just like that too.


I took Lily to a Tumblebees class this morning and she did really well! Actually, we were going to go to the Mommy and Me class for 2 year olds, but missed it b/c I couldn't find the place. So we were invited to stay for the 3-4 year old Tumblebees class and it turns out that she is ready for that class anyway. She kept up with them the whole time and then some. She was so excited to be there and did whatever the teacher said. She was so cute to watch!

Potty training update:
Lily is doing great! She is wearing big girl panties most of the time.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Rainy Day Adventures

While Lily was in preschool today I spent the morning running errands and doing a little shopping. It's so nice to live a mile from a major shopping area because I can get so much accomplished in a few hours. Lily really needed new sneakers for school and a pair of black church shoes and Katy needed new pj's, so that was my main goal. Well, I didn't find any sneakers I wanted her to have, but I found 2 pair of really cute Buster Brown shoes; a ruby red glittery pair, and some black Mary Janes. I love little girls shoes! Well, she really liked the ruby red ones, but they were HUGE, and she cried when I told her we had to return them to get the right size. And, exercising her strong will, she absolutely refused to even try the black ones on. But, she was happy again when I said we would go right then to get her the right size, "just you and me." So, we get to the store and try on a smaller size and she cries because they hurt her feet. I just returned both pairs.

Then we walked next door to Payless and they were having a BOGO sale and I let her pick out what she wanted. She chose a pink pair of princess sneakers that have lights and she some ugly Pepto Bismol pink Croc like looking sandals. But, we reached a compromise and I ended up getting her to try on some black church shoes, and we were both happy in the end.

Noah came home from school today complaining of a sore throat and that his chest was hurting. He also had a lot of nasal congestion, so I called the Dr to see if he could be seen before the weekend and they were able to get him in in 20 minutes. Another nice thing is living 5 minutes from the Dr's office! It turns out that he has strep, so it's a good thing he was able to be seen. And, the Dr. said to that Publix gives free Amoxycillin with a prescription, so we went there to get his meds. How cool is that? We had fun hanging out together while we were waiting for his medicine and I can tell he really enjoys the one on one with me too.

When we got home I went through Noah's come and go folder and found his 1st report card. He is doing outstanding academically and above average in everything else. I'm so proud of my boy!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let's track it...

Lily is wearing big girl panties today and has gone to the potty twice already!!! For the past few weeks she's gone a few times here and there, but has not been interested for very long. But, today I want to see what she can do. I know she likes all the attention that goes along with it, so I'm going to make a big deal of it and see how it goes.

By 9:10am
1 poop in potty
1 pee in potty

update: 10:30am
another pee in potty
1 accident

..........Well, it was a long day and there was so much action on the potty today that I lost count because I was in and out of there with her so much!

There were a few false alarms, a couple of accidents, and lots of successful trips to the potty. I am so proud of her! I know this is just the beginning, but I think she did a great job today

Monday, October 13, 2008

Turning 40

I have been thinking about turning 40 for months now and kind of dreading it because exiting my 30's seemed a little scary to me. I have been thinking about what I've done with my life and the things I have and haven't accomplished. But, lately I feel like I've wrapped my mind around it and have accepted it and am focusing on the positive things about it. I actually now feel that I'm ready to move on into my 40's because in all actuality my 30's had some major ups and downs. But, today I feel good about myself.... I'm working out......I've taken up the violin again and am not as bad as I thought I would be after 20 years.....I am going to do things that I want to do, things that will make me better and happier.

On a lighter note, I'm always told that I don't look my age, and that's a good thing. Also, I've heard many times that "40 is now the new 30!"

Here are some excerpts from this article I thought were quite interesting...

The Magic of turning 40!
Allie Ochs

....While some may dread crossing 40 threshold, others may greet the event with anticipation and excitement. Regardless of how you feel, you will probably do what everyone does at this juncture: take stock of your life. What have you done with your life? Are you the person you intended to be and are you living the life you want?

....While you cannot turn back time “turning 40” suggests something exciting! The simple phrase “turning” means you can turn into anything you want to be. You can turn to anything that you want to. It also means you can turn on your passion, turn on your greatness, turn the page, turn the corner and move on! You are halfway through life, but you still have the second half. No matter where you are in your life, there are no rules where you should be. It doesn't matter whether you are happily married, single or divorced 5 times. It doesn’t matter if you have too many children, enough or none. It doesn’t even matter if you are highly educated; college educated or barely finished high school. At 40, the doors are wide open and you can still do anything you want.

In biblical terms the numerical number 40 has significant meaning. Think of the 40 days and 40 nights of rain floods. It took the Israelites 40 years to find the Promised Land, and Jesus spent 40 days in the dessert before his crucifixion. Maybe it takes 40 years to grow into an awesome woman. You are about to enter the most amazing time in your life. The past 40 years were all about preparation. Now you are both credible and incredible. 40 is the pivotal power age and here is why:

·You can become a doctor or lawyer and still have time left to practice;
·You can fall in love like a teenager and still have the time to grow up;
·You can marry a younger man without first having a facelift;
·You can have your first wedding anniversary;
·You can have children and still have the time to raise them;
·You can shop at Victoria's Secret without looking silly;
·You can move to another country and still have the time to make it your home;
·You can take up a new sport without worrying about arthritis;
·You lived long enough to be sure about some things;
·You can say what you want and others will listen;
·You can still have fun without being medicated;
·You can do something that you have never done in your life.

Sounds pretty good to me!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just one more picture from the party...

I accidentally left this one off from the last post, but really wanted to use it because I think it is so sweet. Everyone thought Flat Travis was neat and he was passed around quite a bit. Carol said when she looked at him it made her a little sad and it made her miss him more.

Happy Halloween Early Birthday Party Noah!

We planned a Halloween party for Noah that turned into an early birthday party as well. A lot of thought and planning went into the party from the 3-D coffin invitations, to the creepy food and decorations, to the fun games and goody bags. Of course not much went as planned, but we still had a great time with lots of laughs. These are just a few pictures from the party.

The cousins: Noah, Sam, Lucy, Lily, and Molly. It was supposed to be a costume party, but that didn't last long and quickly they were shed.

These are "monster toes" little sausages wrapped in tortilla strips with ketchup for the toenail. We also made some "creepy peepers" which were deviled eggs with a big olive on them.

Flat Travis in Ed's sporty convertible Miata.

Mom, Flat Travis, Carol, and Katy just hanging out.

The kids were trying to guess how many candy corn there
were in the jar. There were 381 and Nick won with the
closest guess of 320. He got to keep the jar of candy corn!

The kids had a great time bobbing for apples so much so
that they were putting their apples back and doing it again.

The pinata game was hilarious! Each of the kids were blindfolded, Ed spun them around 3 times, and they got 3 swings at it. A couple of times it got knocked down, but it wouldn't break open. When it was Tanners turn we were certain that he would send it flying. So to keep fair for the little ones, Mark secretly took it down and Tanner didn't know he was swinging away at nothing. We were cracking up! Unfortunately, the pictures of that were pretty blurry, so just take my word for it, it was funny! Finally, after noone was able to bust it open, Mark helped it out with a few good whacks!
Here is Mark and Flat Travis after Mark planted a big kiss on him!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Flat Daddy

Since Daddy can't be here, we have the next best thing. I hope having flat daddy around will make things a little easier on the kids when they start to miss their Daddy. I think they will have fun taking him places and showing him off to their friends. He's here just in time for Noah's Halloween party this weekend!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Kids! I need to vent.....

Lily can be so sweet, but today she was not! She was so sassy and totally pushing the limits. No matter how many times I tell her no, she still thinks she can do anything she wants. She talks back to me, she doesn't listen, and when I get onto her she tells me not to talk to her. And, it's like she is going to show me it doesn't bother her if I punish her. She says, hmmph, or sticks her tongue out at me....such two year old stuff. But, even so, it still ticks me off.

Then there's Noah. He likes to do his own thing and will try to get out of doing things he doesn't want to if he can. Today, it was his piano lessons. He didn't want to go and afterwards he came in said he hated it. Then Nana comes in behind him and says that he was rude to Miss Jo and wasn't doing what she asked or responding the way he should. So, this is the start of him clamming up and not listening to me, so I sent him to his room. Then he bugs Lily for awhile. And, later it's "Mom....when can I go outside, what can I do, I have a headache, what's for dinner...." wah wah wah!

Katy seems like she's out of sorts because she is teething and she isn't sleeping well. She whines and wants to be picked up and then put down. She is not her usual self. And, she has some red bumps on her face that seem to be itchy. I think it's some allergic reaction to something, still trying to figure it out.

So, with a lot of this going on at the same time, I really wanted to pull my hair out today and run out of the house screaming.

That is all.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Katy at 9 months

She has no teeth yet. She crawls everywhere. We have had to move the cat food bowls into Nana's room to keep her from getting into them. She pulls up next to furniture and is starting to cruise around it. She likes to be held and cuddled. She likes to be doing what Noah and Lily are doing. Noah and Lily think she is like a doll and carry her around, roll around on the floor with her, and lay on top of her. She likes it most of the time but will let them know when she's had enough! She likes it when Nana gives her something to drink with a straw. When you're holding her on your lap she will put her head back to look up at you and likes kisses on her face. We have recently discovered that she loves grapes and frozen blueberries (and don't worry I cut them up into very small pieces!) She is a delightful baby. She is very loved by her siblings. She is so sweet and easy going and so very beautiful.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Week In The Life of Me

One of my favorite bloggers is Ali Edwards and she is also a scrapbooker. She challenged everyone to document a week in their life and make a scrapbook about it. We were to start by taking lots of photos and writing down the things that were happening, like the things the kids say or how you're feeling. Since I don't have time to scrapbook right now I thought I'd blog about it.

Now, I don't have pictures for everything I did last week like going to church, preparing meals, giving baths, going to the store, going to the chiropractor.... those things are squeezed in there too. And, there are so many little things like making the beds, reading with the kids, saying the blessings on the meals that are a big part of the week too.

WARNING: this could get very boring.

My day starts with the alarm going off at 6:00 and I hit snooze once. Then, I get Noah up. He gets dressed and meets me in the kitchen where we eat breakfast. Usually it's oj for him and diet Pepsi for me and cereal or a bagel.

You can tell he is thrilled about having his picture taken at 6:30 in the morning!
We usually talk about this and that while he clowns around and we finish getting him ready for school. He is almost always in a good mood and is raring to go to school. That makes me happy.

This is Noah and our neighbor Kiersten getting ready to walk to the bus stop.
It's dark when they leave and lately it's been pretty chilly.
After Noah leaves I try to get back in bed for a few minutes to get a little more sleep before Lily wakes up. But, more often than not, she is waking up as I'm getting in back in bed.

Lily is ready to go to preschool! We have a routine in the mornings also. We snuggle for awhile and watch a little tv while she wakes all the way up. Usually Katy is up by now, and if Lily will allow it then we all snuggle. Or, Lily starts her typical 2 year old stuff by getting into everything while I make breakfast for them. Then, we get her dressed, pack her lunch, fix her hair, and then we leave for school. In the car she asks me all sorts of questions, and her favorite seems to be "what's your name Mommy?" I tell her and then ask her name to which she replies "Lily Mozelle."

Here she is leaving me behind as she walks into her classroom. We have just signed her up for lunch bunch and put her lunch box in the bin.

This is her teacher Miss Deanna. Depending on her mood, she will either just kiss me goodbye, not even notice that I'm still there, or have to be coaxed into staying by Miss Deanna.

Lily and her friend Alex. There are 5 children in her class- 3 girls and 2 boys.

I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week and I've been enjoying the elliptical machine lately. I feel like I'm getting a good cardio workout, as well as it's helping to tone my arms. My other favorite thing to do is the Bodyflow class which incorporates, tai chi, yoga, pilates, and relaxation. I can already tell a difference in my flexibility from when I first started. I can do poses now that I wasn't able to do in the beginning and I can hold some poses longer. I feel stronger and more energized now. I LOVE that class!

This is baby Katy playing with toys. Most of the time Lily is playing with her and it's a much bigger mess. I don't know how many times a day I pick up toys.

There is always laundry that needs to be done and clothes to be folded or hung up and put away.
Between Lily and Katy there are clothes changes 2-3 times a day, they are busy girls.
Diapers and wipers!! These are a HUGE part of my day, week, life.... I will be so happy when Miss Lily is potty trained and we have only one in diapers. She has started wearing pull ups and has gone to the potty a few times, but doesn't quite get it yet. Or she just doesn't want to get it yet.

The "week in the life of me" challenge specifically said to make sure that you are in some of the pictures. Well, I'm not in any of the pictures showing the things that I do, but here is a picture that Noah took of me.

Miss Katy likes to stand and pulls up on everything!

Noah having a piano lesson.

Miss Jo said that Noah is very smart and is doing really well. She thinks he will be able to play Christmas songs soon. Noah was getting a little bored at first, but now he to be getting into it a little bit more since he is playing short songs and not just scales. Also, his Nana has promised him that if he keeps it up and takes lessons the whole time we are here then she will give him $50. Noah said OK!!

The girls sitting outside on a blanket enjoying the sunshine. The kids like to be outside any chance they can get so before Travis left he put up a fence so they could have a nice little outdoor area of their own. We have a sand box, a water table, and a bunch of toys for them to play with. We spend some time out there everyday and Lily likes pull weeds with Nana in her little garden. The other day they found a toad!

My baby girl is pulling up and trying to get in my lap. She loves to be held and loves kisses!

This is Lily looking at Daddy on the webcam. She loves this. I'm so glad we have it because she asks me "where's my Daddy?" quite often. Noah and Lily really miss their Dad. I asked Noah what he wanted for his birthday and he said all he wanted was for Dad to come home.
I told him sorry, I can only deliver legos or a DS game!

Lily likes to turn on the keyboard and move to the jazzy accompaniment music. She thinks she is playing it and insists we all listen. It was cute the first few times and we would laugh and clap for her, but now it seems she does it right when we're watching tv or when the baby just fell asleep, so we tell her to turn it down or turn it off!

Noah and Lily were trying to put a puzzle together and Katy messed it up a couple of times while they were working on it and they were so mad. So, I had to move her and hold her, but not before I got a picture of Noah saying "no Katy!" This is pretty typical stuff these days, we hear Noah and Lily saying "no Katy" alot.

Ahhh, what a wonderful thing. Quiet time. Our bed time routine has been working pretty smoothly and I start it right after dinner with baths. Then everyone starts to wind down and is in bed and asleep before 8:30. Most nights Lily is the first to go down because she is giving up her nap, so by 7:00 or 7:30 she is ready to go to bed and sleeps all night. Noah and I read each night and then we say prayers before it's lights out, but he usually wants me to lay with him for a little bit and snuggle.
So, after the kids are asleep I get some time to myself to relax. I either watch a little tv, read, send email, or blog. It's much needed MY TIME. Usually Travis calls too, so that tops off my night. Then, I go to bed and after Katy wakes me at least once during the night, I start all over again at 6:00 AM.