Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Rainy Day Adventures

While Lily was in preschool today I spent the morning running errands and doing a little shopping. It's so nice to live a mile from a major shopping area because I can get so much accomplished in a few hours. Lily really needed new sneakers for school and a pair of black church shoes and Katy needed new pj's, so that was my main goal. Well, I didn't find any sneakers I wanted her to have, but I found 2 pair of really cute Buster Brown shoes; a ruby red glittery pair, and some black Mary Janes. I love little girls shoes! Well, she really liked the ruby red ones, but they were HUGE, and she cried when I told her we had to return them to get the right size. And, exercising her strong will, she absolutely refused to even try the black ones on. But, she was happy again when I said we would go right then to get her the right size, "just you and me." So, we get to the store and try on a smaller size and she cries because they hurt her feet. I just returned both pairs.

Then we walked next door to Payless and they were having a BOGO sale and I let her pick out what she wanted. She chose a pink pair of princess sneakers that have lights and she some ugly Pepto Bismol pink Croc like looking sandals. But, we reached a compromise and I ended up getting her to try on some black church shoes, and we were both happy in the end.

Noah came home from school today complaining of a sore throat and that his chest was hurting. He also had a lot of nasal congestion, so I called the Dr to see if he could be seen before the weekend and they were able to get him in in 20 minutes. Another nice thing is living 5 minutes from the Dr's office! It turns out that he has strep, so it's a good thing he was able to be seen. And, the Dr. said to that Publix gives free Amoxycillin with a prescription, so we went there to get his meds. How cool is that? We had fun hanging out together while we were waiting for his medicine and I can tell he really enjoys the one on one with me too.

When we got home I went through Noah's come and go folder and found his 1st report card. He is doing outstanding academically and above average in everything else. I'm so proud of my boy!

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