Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let's track it...

Lily is wearing big girl panties today and has gone to the potty twice already!!! For the past few weeks she's gone a few times here and there, but has not been interested for very long. But, today I want to see what she can do. I know she likes all the attention that goes along with it, so I'm going to make a big deal of it and see how it goes.

By 9:10am
1 poop in potty
1 pee in potty

update: 10:30am
another pee in potty
1 accident

..........Well, it was a long day and there was so much action on the potty today that I lost count because I was in and out of there with her so much!

There were a few false alarms, a couple of accidents, and lots of successful trips to the potty. I am so proud of her! I know this is just the beginning, but I think she did a great job today

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