Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Week In The Life of Me

One of my favorite bloggers is Ali Edwards and she is also a scrapbooker. She challenged everyone to document a week in their life and make a scrapbook about it. We were to start by taking lots of photos and writing down the things that were happening, like the things the kids say or how you're feeling. Since I don't have time to scrapbook right now I thought I'd blog about it.

Now, I don't have pictures for everything I did last week like going to church, preparing meals, giving baths, going to the store, going to the chiropractor.... those things are squeezed in there too. And, there are so many little things like making the beds, reading with the kids, saying the blessings on the meals that are a big part of the week too.

WARNING: this could get very boring.

My day starts with the alarm going off at 6:00 and I hit snooze once. Then, I get Noah up. He gets dressed and meets me in the kitchen where we eat breakfast. Usually it's oj for him and diet Pepsi for me and cereal or a bagel.

You can tell he is thrilled about having his picture taken at 6:30 in the morning!
We usually talk about this and that while he clowns around and we finish getting him ready for school. He is almost always in a good mood and is raring to go to school. That makes me happy.

This is Noah and our neighbor Kiersten getting ready to walk to the bus stop.
It's dark when they leave and lately it's been pretty chilly.
After Noah leaves I try to get back in bed for a few minutes to get a little more sleep before Lily wakes up. But, more often than not, she is waking up as I'm getting in back in bed.

Lily is ready to go to preschool! We have a routine in the mornings also. We snuggle for awhile and watch a little tv while she wakes all the way up. Usually Katy is up by now, and if Lily will allow it then we all snuggle. Or, Lily starts her typical 2 year old stuff by getting into everything while I make breakfast for them. Then, we get her dressed, pack her lunch, fix her hair, and then we leave for school. In the car she asks me all sorts of questions, and her favorite seems to be "what's your name Mommy?" I tell her and then ask her name to which she replies "Lily Mozelle."

Here she is leaving me behind as she walks into her classroom. We have just signed her up for lunch bunch and put her lunch box in the bin.

This is her teacher Miss Deanna. Depending on her mood, she will either just kiss me goodbye, not even notice that I'm still there, or have to be coaxed into staying by Miss Deanna.

Lily and her friend Alex. There are 5 children in her class- 3 girls and 2 boys.

I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week and I've been enjoying the elliptical machine lately. I feel like I'm getting a good cardio workout, as well as it's helping to tone my arms. My other favorite thing to do is the Bodyflow class which incorporates, tai chi, yoga, pilates, and relaxation. I can already tell a difference in my flexibility from when I first started. I can do poses now that I wasn't able to do in the beginning and I can hold some poses longer. I feel stronger and more energized now. I LOVE that class!

This is baby Katy playing with toys. Most of the time Lily is playing with her and it's a much bigger mess. I don't know how many times a day I pick up toys.

There is always laundry that needs to be done and clothes to be folded or hung up and put away.
Between Lily and Katy there are clothes changes 2-3 times a day, they are busy girls.
Diapers and wipers!! These are a HUGE part of my day, week, life.... I will be so happy when Miss Lily is potty trained and we have only one in diapers. She has started wearing pull ups and has gone to the potty a few times, but doesn't quite get it yet. Or she just doesn't want to get it yet.

The "week in the life of me" challenge specifically said to make sure that you are in some of the pictures. Well, I'm not in any of the pictures showing the things that I do, but here is a picture that Noah took of me.

Miss Katy likes to stand and pulls up on everything!

Noah having a piano lesson.

Miss Jo said that Noah is very smart and is doing really well. She thinks he will be able to play Christmas songs soon. Noah was getting a little bored at first, but now he to be getting into it a little bit more since he is playing short songs and not just scales. Also, his Nana has promised him that if he keeps it up and takes lessons the whole time we are here then she will give him $50. Noah said OK!!

The girls sitting outside on a blanket enjoying the sunshine. The kids like to be outside any chance they can get so before Travis left he put up a fence so they could have a nice little outdoor area of their own. We have a sand box, a water table, and a bunch of toys for them to play with. We spend some time out there everyday and Lily likes pull weeds with Nana in her little garden. The other day they found a toad!

My baby girl is pulling up and trying to get in my lap. She loves to be held and loves kisses!

This is Lily looking at Daddy on the webcam. She loves this. I'm so glad we have it because she asks me "where's my Daddy?" quite often. Noah and Lily really miss their Dad. I asked Noah what he wanted for his birthday and he said all he wanted was for Dad to come home.
I told him sorry, I can only deliver legos or a DS game!

Lily likes to turn on the keyboard and move to the jazzy accompaniment music. She thinks she is playing it and insists we all listen. It was cute the first few times and we would laugh and clap for her, but now it seems she does it right when we're watching tv or when the baby just fell asleep, so we tell her to turn it down or turn it off!

Noah and Lily were trying to put a puzzle together and Katy messed it up a couple of times while they were working on it and they were so mad. So, I had to move her and hold her, but not before I got a picture of Noah saying "no Katy!" This is pretty typical stuff these days, we hear Noah and Lily saying "no Katy" alot.

Ahhh, what a wonderful thing. Quiet time. Our bed time routine has been working pretty smoothly and I start it right after dinner with baths. Then everyone starts to wind down and is in bed and asleep before 8:30. Most nights Lily is the first to go down because she is giving up her nap, so by 7:00 or 7:30 she is ready to go to bed and sleeps all night. Noah and I read each night and then we say prayers before it's lights out, but he usually wants me to lay with him for a little bit and snuggle.
So, after the kids are asleep I get some time to myself to relax. I either watch a little tv, read, send email, or blog. It's much needed MY TIME. Usually Travis calls too, so that tops off my night. Then, I go to bed and after Katy wakes me at least once during the night, I start all over again at 6:00 AM.

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