Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blogging from Jax

The drive down wasn't too bad and we made it in around 7 hours.... the kids were really good and were excited to be on a road trip... having another adventure. We stopped for lunch in Perry, GA at BK and the kids were able to play on the playground to get some energy out. Those playgrounds are the best things for long trips. We finally made it around 4:30 pm and my first impression of Orange Park was that it feels like any other area of FL that I've been too. It just has that FL feel. And, there's LOTS of traffic around here.

Angele had plans for us to go see "Twilight" and she insisted that I was going to love it. I had no real thoughts about the movie other than I just wasn't really interested in the whole vampire thing. But, I knew the author of the books was LDS, and that it had become very popular. So, I was willing to see what all the hype was about. Angele had her sister and her friend lined up to babysit for us. After dinner at O'Charley's (where kids eat free:) we went back to the house, the girls were fantastic... they gave the little ones baths, played with them, and then we put them to bed. So, it was nice to go to the movies not worrying about the kids missing me. We went to the 9:45 show and being the old woman that I am, I was already tired because it was my bedtime. But, I got a diet coke to keep me awake and I have to say that I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie. We got home around 12:30... quite the late night for me.
Yesterday we just ran around a little. We went to see Lynell (Angele's mom) at work to show her the kids, then to the base for lunch..... by that time I needed a nap but didn't get one. Later that day, Angele had to babysit for a friend and it turns out that her little boy was in Noah's 1st grade class in ME, so they had a good time.
It's day 3 and we've been trying to decide what to do today.... either we go to the beach and let the kids play, or a park that's near some water... and maybe a picnic. We'll see how it goes... I'd like to go shopping, just us girls... that would be great. Or, a nap, I can always use a nap.
I noticed that our countdown to T coming home is at 169 days- woo hoo!!! We're in the 160's. We miss you Travis. Flat Daddy has been sitting in the passengers seat of the van and he gets lots of looks. Also, he has startled Angele more than once.
More to come.....

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Baker4 said...

oh, thats a great trip. its a small world isnt it (noahs classmate surprise). tell flat Travis hi for me. haha. hope thanksgiving was good. we just went to my dads. good food anyway. Njoy the rest of your trip and happy holidays!