Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Eve

I'm really excited about the election tomorrow. Over the last 2 months, I have become a real election coverage addict! I know it's because my Mom is a glued to CNN and MSNBC 95% of her waking hours, so we are always talking about it. Withdrawals are sure to come once the election is over, but we still have a couple of days left....

One of the reasons I haven't blogged about politics is because I know that I would get all wrapped up in it, stressed out about it, and I don't want to argue with anyone about it. I'm not a confrontational person, but I am passionate in my beliefs and I want Barack Obama to win, by a landslide. However, even if he wins by just a hair, I'll still be just as happy!

Obama inspires me and gives me hope that our country will be better than it is now, that everyone can have a better quality of life, that the US will once again be respected in the world... We need change and I believe that he is the better candidate for the job as President of the United States of America.

Until tomorrow...

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