Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Historic Election Night

We ordered pizza from Stevi B's so we wouldn't have to worry about doing much tonight. While we were waiting for the polls to close, Noah and I decided he would track the states Obama wins and I will track the states McCain wins. Not much happened before 8:00PM and Noah only got to count Vermont for Obama and I counted Kentucky for McCain. Well, he started getting sleepy and was out before the first big waves of projections came in. So, he missed his Mom and Nana dancing around the living room!! As of 9:00PM EST, the latest electoral vote count is:

Obama 174
McCain 49

Of course it's not over yet, but at this point it's looking very good for the Democrats!

More to come....

Well, it's almost 10:00PM and I'm getting tired. I know that I should be going to bed because the little ones get up so early. BTW, I got 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night. Thank you Miss Katy! Well, I'll give it another hour and see how it goes. As of 10:00 PM EST, the latest electoral vote count is:

Obama 207
McCain 89

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