Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some of my thoughts on the upcoming holidays...

Awhile back I was thinking about how I could come up with a "green" type of Christmas card this year since going green is very much on my mind these days. But, I was reading about how most cards just end up in a landfill anyway. It seems kind of wasteful and a little silly to send a "going green" card because the "green" thing to do is not to send them at all. So, I am going to send e- Christmas cards this year. Most people have computers anyway so I can still send our loved ones well wishes and cute pictures and "go green" too.

The economy is really bad right now and a lot of people are struggling. I've heard that food kitchens are seeing people in record numbers and that food banks are low on food. I was talking to my sister Carol about a way that we could make a difference this year and show the kids that we are really blessed and have way more than we need. So, we are going to take the money that we would buy presents for each other (aunts, uncles, cousins) and buy food or whatever is needed and donate it to a shelter or food bank. And we are also going to get the kids involved in purchasing the items and taking it there. I think this is something that they will remember and hopefully make them feel good about doing service for those less fortunate..... I'm really excited about this!

I was thinking today while I was driving and saw some Christmas trees for sale that even though Travis won't be here, I want to make the holidays as normal as I can, especially for Noah. So, as tradition, we'll put up a tree and decorate the house.... at least hang some lights... I know Noah will love that. All of our Christmas stuff is in storage.... hmmmm, I'll have to work on that one... But, it won't be the same without Travis this year, so I just hope the holidays pass quickly.

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