Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things I did today....

  • I had a chiropractors appointment... it almost feels like I'm at the spa when I'm there because it's so relaxing and peaceful there. Today, I was on the therapy table for 30 minutes and there is soft music playing, so I always doze off... I had muscle stimulation (electric pulses) on my shoulders with a warm heated wrap. While that was going on she brought me a nice cup of herbal tea... Then I had an adjustment, and last but not least, she puts this very powerful vibrating massager on my neck, shoulders, and back... it feels so good. This is the best chiropractic care I've ever received and if you need a chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Rennie Alampi in Woodstock... she's fantastic!
  • I had a Thanksgiving lunch at Lily's preschool.... It was nice and I was able to meet the parents of Lily's friends. Miss Deanna asked me where flat daddy was and I felt so bad that I was in a hurry and left him at home... Sorry Travis, I promise I'll remember to take you to Noah's Thanksgiving party tomorrow.

  • I took the kids to the library... all 3 of them. But, it wasn't so bad because Noah and Lily have a little routine when we go there and I had Katy in the stroller. Noah has his own library card now and takes that very seriously. He's so cute.

  • I fed, bathed, read to, and put the kids to bed..... and I'm so tired. I'm looking forward to going to bed soon.

These are pictures from the Thanksgiving lunch at Lily's preschool

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