Thursday, December 18, 2008

Adventures in Wal-mart

So, I'm at Wal-Mart this morning with Lily and we're having a good time shopping and playing around. She tells me that she has to go potty, so we hurry over to the bathrooms and take care of business. All the while I have my big Vera Bradley bag on my shoulder and it never occurs to me that I should put it down while helping Lily finish up. But, just as I'm reaching over to help her pull up her pants, my phone and a pack of gum fall out of my purse and into the toilet! What a nightmare. EEWWWWW!!! Lily says, "uh-oh Mommy, your gum fell in the toilet."

Well, I had to fish it out before I could flush and I was not very happy about it (luckliy it was #1.) I washed my hands and the phone off as best I could, which was not easy an easy task with the sinks having motion sensors on the water faucets. It took forever to get enough water to rinse the soap off my hands since the water didn't come out for more than 3 seconds at a time. Then, I rubbed hand sanitizer all over the phone thinking that had to help kill those toilet germs. I tried to make a call to see if the phone worked but I could barely hear... and besides that I wasn't happy about having to use the toilet phone anymore. Then it started vibrating and I couldn't turn it off, so I just took the battery out of it.

Lily was so good while all this was going on and she kept asking me if I was OK and if we could buy more gum. She's such a sweetie pie, and yes, I bought more gum.

Not having a phone is not an option for me, especially since I just cancelled the service for our house phone earlier in the one ever called us on it anyway, except solicitors. So, I promptly found an AT&T store and was able to get a new phone in time at all. I got the most inexpensive one they had and it is still nicer than my old one. The nice gentleman helping me got a kick out of my story and after getting the sim card out of my phone, he used plenty of hand sanitizer!

So, all in all everyting turned out fine, so having my phone fall in the toilet at Wal-mart didn't turn out to be such a bad thing after all.


Travis Mortimer said...

What, no pictures of the whole event? What kind of scrapbook is this!!!???!!!???

Sounds like you're having fun. I wish I could be there with you!

Meredith said...

Yeah, I know I'm laying down on the job! I should have grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures of the "toilet phone!"

Amy Boyack said...

That's soo gross. I thought my phone story was bad. My baby was sucking on it and filled the charger hole with spit and it stopped working instantly. Nothing as gross as toilet germs. Glad you worked it out.