Monday, December 01, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

It's been cold and damp all day today with a few snow flurries. So different from the warm FL weather we enjoyed last week. I've been back from Jax for a couple of days now and life with the kids has kept me so busy that I haven't had much time for anything. I had plans to blog about our Thanksgiving and all that I'm thankful for.... but now that seems so long ago that I feel like I need to just keep moving on. But, I do want to say that I feel truly blessed and very thankful to Heavenly Father for all that I have.

Noah woke up sick this morning, and long story short, he has a sinus infection and now an ear infection. No wonder he has headaches, poor guy. Actually, we don't know if the sinus infection really ever went away from before or if it's a reinfection, but no matter, he's on more antibiotics. One good thing though is that the bronchitis is gone. Dr. V told me that he MUST see him back in a week to follow up and see how he's doing.

I've been running around all day getting last minute things ready to mail to Travis for Christmas, taking Noah to the Dr, getting his meds... I feel like I haven't had a chance to relax at all. The girls have been clingy and climb all over me when I'm still for more than a minute. I'm tired and feel like I'm coming down with a cold. I know I should turn in early and try to get some rest.

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Mo, just Mo said...

Ha, I was doing the same thing on Monday! I thought I had plenty of time before the December 4th "Christmas Delivery" date and then all of a sudden it was right on top of us! I even managed to remember almost everything I was supposed to send...
Sorry to hear about sick kiddos, it's that time of year for sure. My 6 yo told me his face hurt and he pointed to his sinus area, so I threw some Sudafed down his gullet and hoped for the best.
Hope everyone has perked up in the last couple days or that you're at least headed down the road to recovery.

Love the new layout!