Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas gifts from Iraq

Today we finally received the box that Travis sent for Christmas. The kids were really excited that it was from Daddy, so I decided to go ahead and let them have their gifts now instead of waiting until Christmas day.
He sent Noah a patch and t-shirt from the Marine Corps Marathon he ran while over there and also a Boonie hat. I have never seen Noah this excited over any other hat or shirt Travis has given him, and believe me there have been plenty. He put on the hat and the t-shirt and rode his scooter all around the house pretending to shoot at us.... it must have been the hat.
Lily got a camel, which she absolutely loved. They all fought over it and wanted to ride it and take pictures with it. The camel had a Boonie hat that we tried to put it on Katy to take a picture, but she kept crying and pulling it off.
Katy liked biting the Styrofoam packing peanuts from the box most of all. I picked out one of the beanie babies for her.... I think the pug was the cutest one.
I got a very pretty camel that opens up to hold little things like jewelry. I love it!
Nana got a rug which she thought was very nice and will probably make into a wall hanging.
And, last but not least, there was an interesting box of assorted candies that I think Travis called Turkish delight. The candies were jellied with pistachios, sesame seeds, or powdered sugar or nougat with pistachios... We each tried a different one so we could each get a taste, and that was just enough......hmmm that's some very interesting stuff. I think we will be sharing this candy with all of our family and friends so that they can experience a bit of Iraq too!
Thanks for all of the wonderful presents sweetheart. We love them and we love you. Our countdown jar has $50 dollars in it now... only 150 more to go until you come home!


Jen said...

That really was a cool camel! It's great that your husband can send you a package like that. I have four kids, and my husband's an ex-Marine who served in the Gulf War. Sometimes he talks about enlisting, or finding another way to go back over there, and I always wonder how I'd handle it. Girls like you are inspiring! Thanks.

Amy Boyack said...

It must be so hard to have your husband gone in Iraq. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and make the best of it. That sounds like it was an exciting package to receive.

Meredith said...

Thanks Jen and Amy for your kind words! I'm taking it one day at a time and hoping the days continue to roll on by. If we can get through the holidays, then I'm considering us on the downhill side until he gets home.