Saturday, December 06, 2008

It was so gross no one could look away!

We went up to the hospital today to see my brother Mark after he had hip replacement surgery yesterday. A nurse came in and said she needed to change his dressing, and I said "ooh, let me get my camera!" It was very interesting because we all wanted to look at it even though it made us kind of queasy. He seems to be doing well and should be going home tomorrow.
We love you Mark!


Jeni said...

Wow I was just scanning down when I opened the page and for a second I thought something happened to Travis! Good to know it was a planned thing for your brother and that he is doing good!!!

Mo, just Mo said...

Our friend had one of those about two years ago. He had a walker for a while and then a cane, and he said the initial pain was pretty rough. But he healed well and said that compared to BEFORE he's been nothing but happy!