Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Noah at 8 years old

He loves the 2nd grade. He is a great student and wants to do well in school. He is taking piano lessons. He is very social and likes to have lots of friends. He is quite the inquisitive child, asking questions about everything! He likes to go online and learn about everything from animals to geography to big foot and the sinking of the titanic. Then he wants to tell you about everything he learns! He loves Bakugan. He cares about others and animals. He is so sweet and is a wonderful son.

Happy Birthday Noah!
We love you!!

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Jeni said...

Hey there, I'm pretty new at the whole blogging stuff. I made my header at scrapblog, I think, and with the cutest little blog site you have to use the first backround choice blogger offers for those to work. It looks like mine. I like yours because it's wider but for now mine works. :) I get about six hundred hits a month on my page, at least I have been? I only gave it to family and friends though so if anyone else comes upon it then it's only by chance. I have no idea what a feed burner is? I like the feedjit you have on your page, I've seen those before! I might have to add it too! :) What is Mom Bloggers Club?