Friday, January 30, 2009

My husband is so sweet!

I was totally surprised when I answered the door and there was a beautiful floral arrangement staring me in the face. It was HUGE and let me repeat again.... beautiful! My dear sweet Travis sent these to me with a sweet card saying....hang in there we only have 90 days to go. I love it because 90 days is less than I thought we had and I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much for the sweet surprise honey, I love you!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

TA DA!!!

I'm so excited about my new blog design! Erin at Designer Blogs did a fantastic job and she was a pleasure to work with. I just picked out the kit that I wanted her to use and she designed something for me to view. From there she wanted my feedback to make changes or add things and I was able to view it while she was working on it. It was so much fun! She has some great deals going on now through the end of the month if you want to check it out. Her link is on the sidebar at the bottom of my blog.

The weather was beautiful today and I was outside with the kids for a long time. I already have spring fever!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The same old craziness

There hasn't been much to write about lately except the same old craziness that happens daily around here with 3 kids. Of course there are levels of craziness depending on the time of day, who is at school, or who is asleep.

An example of super craziness would be yesterday when I was getting ready for church. I try to plan ahead at least a little bit by picking out our clothes ahead of time. But, it doesn't matter if I get the kids dressed an hour before we leave or 5 minutes before we leave it still seems crazy. And, because we meet at 1:00 in the afternoon it makes it hard because the baby wants to nap and oh, how I hate to wake a sleeping baby! Have you ever tried to get a cranky baby dressed? How about that and a 2 year old that wants your attention and is climbing on your back at the same time? It's not easy. So, I juggled this and that, packed the diaper bag/church bag, and got snacks and a bottle ready for Katy because she hadn't had a chance to eat lunch yet. And, just when I think I'm about ready to head to the car Lily has to go potty. That means I have to put Katy down, who starts crying and doesn't stop until I pick her up again. Another 5 minutes later and we are heading out to the car. Sometimes my Mom is there to help, but she likes to be seated in her row 15 minutes prior to church starting. When she sensed I might be running a bit behind she and Noah dashed out the door. I eventually made it to church, but not after feeling like I had been through the wringer.

Typical craziness occurs around dinner time and runs into the bed time routine. It starts off when everyone wants to eat and no one wants to wait for their food. Or they're all talking at once and they each need something else right when I sit down. Then it's clean-up time, which my Mom takes care of most of the time, thank goodness, but I do have to do sometimes. Next it's bath time, story time, and then bed time. This can go on 1-2 hours. I have to say that most of the time it's pretty smooth and all the kiddos are in bed by 8:00-8:30. Lily is the first to go down usually by 7:00 at the latest, then Katy or Noah are next, but who goes down first depends on how long of a nap Katy took that day. Typical craziness also happens in the morning when it's time to get up. Waking up, snuggling, and rolling around together a little bit. Then it's changing diapers, going potty, fixing breakfast, getting Noah ready and off to school. And, 3 days a week I get Lily ready and off to school also.

Sometimes there is no craziness and that's when their all asleep. Ahhhh, that's what I'm talking about!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pictures from SC Trip

We took the girls to a place called "Monkey Business" in Lexington and it was the perfect place for the girls to get lots of energy out! There were rides, slides, bouncy things, and toys.

Lily cried to get off of the zebra ride but she loved the saucer ride so much that she wanted
to ride it again and again. I think Aunt Kayna stopped her at two times.

The bouncy house was quiet at times and crowded at others. Kayna crawled inside with Katy and sat in a corner and all the kids that were jumping around tended to fall her way. It was funny. After awhile Lily had enough and wanted to get out.

The slide was a big hit and Lily did it at least 10 times. Sometimes there were 10 kids
in a pile at the bottom. Katy enjoyed watching all the kids playing.

Katy played some in the toddler section but really wanted to walk around
and see what everyone else was doing. Mommy giving her Katy a squeeze.

Kayna watched the girls for me so I could go shopping by myself for a few hours. I went over to Harbison, my old stopping ground, to see what had changed since we lived here 3 years ago.
I drove by Harbison State Park and it reminded me how much Travis loved to run there,
so I took a picture of Flat Travis there. I also went by my friend Debbie Smith's office and surprised her. She was just tickled when I showed her Flat Travis. Her son Aaron is in Iraq
and she is very worried about him. I was Debbie's Visiting Teacher when we lived there and
she became very special to me. I miss seeing her.

The morning we left there was a dusting of snow which warranted the schools being closed for the day. I'm sure that would make my friends in Maine laugh! I took the girls and Flat Daddy outside to play in it for a few minutes before we left.

On the drive home the girls finally fell asleep and I had a few minutes of peace and quiet and
I listened to the Inauguration on NPR. It was wonderful!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've been having problems trying to upload pictures from my SC trip, so that will have to wait for another day. I'm not trying it again for the 4th time tonight, instead I'm going to enjoy some reading before I go to bed.

Friday, January 16, 2009

She makes me laugh...

Lily: "I want marshmallows"
Mommy: "we don't have any"
Lily: "why?"
Mommy: "I don't know"
Lily: "Then I want chick peas!"

Heading to SC this weekend

I'm taking the girls over to Lexington to see my sister-in-law Kayna this weekend. Noah is going to Aunt Carol's to hang out with the guys. We have a long weekend and it's time to get out of town for a few days and have a change of scenery. Kayna is looking forward to spending time with the girls and has promised a fun filled weekend dress up time, story time, and cup cake parties. I think I will catch up on the 3 books I am reading and maybe go shopping by myself. Yay! I haven't been back to SC since we left there in 2006. It will be nice to check things out again and hopefully see some old friends.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm a winner!!

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago I posted about a blog makeover giveaway from Designer Blogs? Well, I was one of the lucky winners!!!
I'm so excited for my blog to get a much needed face lift.

Stay tuned!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The first pictures of the year... what?!

I don't know what my problem is, but I haven't been taking pictures lately. That is so unlike me and I need to snap out of it! Yesterday, at church I was helping out in the nursery and was watching my girls. I was thinking about how pretty Katie looked in pink and wanted to take a picture of her in her cute dress. Plus, she was also flashing me all 4 of her beautiful teeth! Lily on the other hand wanted nothing to do with me taking her picture and I just had to get what I could get.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Uh Oh!

Lily handed me a library book as she asked me to read it to her. I asked her why it was wet and she said "because I washed it off in the sink." Hmmmm.... We probably need to discuss how books and water don't mix again.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Saturday ramblings...

It started at the crack of dawn with all 3 of my kids getting up at 6:15 AM. Not that I usually get to sleep in anyway, but today with it being Saturday it bugged me. I got them all breakfast and settled with a TV show to watch and asked Noah to help his sisters if they needed it. I just wanted to get back in bed for a few minutes, just to rest my tired eyes... it was not 5 minutes before I hear "Mommy!... blah, blah, blah.... " A little rest just wasn't happening. But, the day got better from there.

I was able to have a nice long conversation with Travis this morning on skype with the web cam. That has never happened before without the kids acting like they were in a circus. Each one of them was in and out of the room just a little bit and then was onto something else. I think between my Mom, a visit from Miss Jo, and the neighbors being able to play, they all were able to do something without needing my attention.

Another thing that hardly ever happens is that both of the girls napped at the same time! Woo hoo! I was able to find a few old friends on Facebook this afternoon. It's always nice to touch base with old friends. I love Facebook.

It rained on and off all day and I decided to take a walk when there was a break in the weather. It was just what I needed to energize me. My ipod died on me soon after I started, but it didn't stop me from having a good walk. I was looking for a walking trail here in Woodstock that someone told me about a few weeks ago near the downtown area, but it wasn't there. I followed the path around the government building where I thought it started and it went quite a ways, but then it turned off into a wooded area and just ended. Hmmmm, I guess when I asked if there a walking trail in this area, he thought I was talking about the sidewalk in front of the government building. Oh well, I ended up walking in the neighborhoods around there it was just fine.

Now, 2 out of 3 kids are asleep and I can relax. I think I will go and spend some time with Noah and then when he goes to bed I'll dive into Eclipse.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

How cool is this?

A week or so ago I posted about being in the deployment rut. I found a great poem online called "The Navy Wife" by Jeff Edwards and thought that it really described us. Maria, his wife, left me a very nice comment explaining that he wrote that for his Navy retirement. Because she was a Navy wife herself, she understands all that we go through trying to keep things together back home while our husbands are away. She was positive and reassuring and that really gave me the boost I needed that day.

Well, it turns out that her husband also writes books and has one out now called Torpedo. She was kind enough to send me an autographed copy! I was so touched by the note that Jeff wrote inside and that too gave me another boost that I needed. I feel like I've made a friend in Maria after just a few emails. She was right in saying that Navy families have a bond perhaps as strong as the ones we have with our genetic families.

I just started reading Torpedo while I was waiting in the Dr's office this morning and whizzed through 4 chapters in no time. It's intense reading from the beginning as it sucks you in and then you can't put it down. The main characters are being introduced now and he's so descriptive that you feel like you know them. It's good stuff! I'm anxious to see what happens next.

Check out Jeff Edwards website:

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Back to my routine, well sort of...

Today was Lily's first day back at preschool since Christmas break. Woo hoo! She and I both were looking forward to it. When I told her that today we had to make her lunch for school she was so excited and helped me get it ready. She was anxious to get dressed and even wanted to draw Miss Deanna a picture. When we got there she was a little clingy, but when she saw there was a new kitchen to play with she said "good-bye Mommy."

After I dropped her off, I went back to the house and put Katy down for her nap. That gave me the chance to run around and not feeling guilty for leaving her with Mom. I went to the post office and mailed a package to Travis, and then it was onto the gym. I have been walking on the treadmill lately reading the Twilight books. It's amazing how an hour can go by just like that! Then I went to Target to get a few thing: eggs, bread, milk, fruit... stuff that goes really quick around here. And then it was home to put groceries away, change my clothes, and then go get Lily. Where does the time go?

Since Travis is in Iraq, we have a perk, if you will, of being able to have a complimentary YMCA membership while he's deployed. The YMCA we go to in East Cobb is so awesome and I have taken Noah over there a few times because they have so much stuff for kids to do. It has state of the art equipment that is computerized to help you track your workouts, coaches to help you with your training, over 90 classes a week, child care for kids... and so much more. I already have a gym membership somewhere else, but I wanted to be able to take Noah somewhere to get some exercise and burn off all the energy he has when he gets home from school everyday. This is a good thing, but it is a lot of work getting the kids ready and getting them there (20 minute drive), then inside and where they need to be, and then start my workout. Then after I'm done, round everybody up, get them home, get them fed, and ready for bed. But, I really like this YMCA, and am excited that we have this membership. I just signed us up a couple of weeks ago and I haven't exactly figured out when the best times are for us to go yet. The class I like him to take is a little late and that messes up the night time routine and that's not pretty. But, we have found some of the other things he likes to do haven't been available at the earlier times we've gone. I'm sure we'll figure it out sooner or later!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I heard about this giveaway...

I think Meredith's Musings is in need of a professional makeover. And, if you think your blog needs one too, then enter in this giveaway. Erin, from Designer Blogs by Erin, is giving away 3 of them!!

Good luck!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday Busy Monday

I feel like I accomplished a lot today. I checked several things off my to do list that have been lingering there for a few days. I love crossing things off my to do list!

It was Noah's last day of Christmas vacation and he spent it hanging out with his cousins. Lily and I went to Trader Joe's to pick up some goodies for this month's package we're sending to Travis. I love that place! I have always enjoyed everything I've bought there. Although, I do have to say that the Opera Cake we got last month was not the "12 layers of heaven" like they advertised, but, it was still good.

Katy had her 1 year well baby appointment today. She is perfect according to Dr. V and I have to agree with him. She had to get some shots, but took it like a big girl. She only cried for a second and then stopped as she was distracted by the cute band aids. Katy is at such a fun age right now and I have really enjoyed her lately. And, Lily hasn't had any major meltdowns, so that has helped everything. Life is good!

It sure is nice to be in the 120's...

Not my weight that is... it's the countdown until Travis comes home!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Lily says the cutest things

I had to write this down before I dinner today Lily said she wanted pocajon cheese on her noodles. We were eating beef stew over noodles and I couldn't figure out what pocajon cheese was and why she would want it on her noodles. Then she said she wanted pocajon cheese sprinkled on her noodles and I realized she meant Parmesan cheese!
Lily is always saying something that makes me laugh like: "you handle it Mommy", or "you're not helping the matter!" I wonder where she's heard that from?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Growing up in the south we always had the traditional southern new years day meal. And, this new year's day will be no different. Today we will be dining on ham, black-eyed peas, corn bread, and collard greens. My Mom has been in the kitchen all day making things and I'm really looking forward to it.

I found this little tidbit that talks about the New Year's Day meal.....

There is a Southern saying that dictates eating habits in the Southern United States' New Year's: "Eat poor on New Year's, eat fat the rest of the year." A traditional Southern New Year's meal includes ham, corn bread, black-eyed peas and collard greens. Both black-eyed peas and collard greens are considered especially lucky additions to the dinner table. Black-eyed peas are thought to bring wealth because they look like little coins, in addition to the fact that they swell when cooked -- a sure sign of prosperity. Collard greens are considered lucky because they are green, like greenbacks -- money!

I'm excited to start a new year and put 2008 behind me. It was definitely a year full of challenges for me. I have some goals I have set for myself this year that I'm excited about reaching. I don't want to write them down here for the whole world to see, but when I check them off my list, then I'll broadcast it!

I feel positive about this new year. I'm definitely in a better place personally then I was when 2008 rolled in. I'm looking forward to Travis coming home in May and having our family back together. I'm looking forward to our family moving to Japan and seeing a new part of the world and experiencing a new culture. This new year I want my family to experience more love, happiness, and fun.

So, here's to 2009!!
Happy New Year!!
Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!