Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pictures from SC Trip

We took the girls to a place called "Monkey Business" in Lexington and it was the perfect place for the girls to get lots of energy out! There were rides, slides, bouncy things, and toys.

Lily cried to get off of the zebra ride but she loved the saucer ride so much that she wanted
to ride it again and again. I think Aunt Kayna stopped her at two times.

The bouncy house was quiet at times and crowded at others. Kayna crawled inside with Katy and sat in a corner and all the kids that were jumping around tended to fall her way. It was funny. After awhile Lily had enough and wanted to get out.

The slide was a big hit and Lily did it at least 10 times. Sometimes there were 10 kids
in a pile at the bottom. Katy enjoyed watching all the kids playing.

Katy played some in the toddler section but really wanted to walk around
and see what everyone else was doing. Mommy giving her Katy a squeeze.

Kayna watched the girls for me so I could go shopping by myself for a few hours. I went over to Harbison, my old stopping ground, to see what had changed since we lived here 3 years ago.
I drove by Harbison State Park and it reminded me how much Travis loved to run there,
so I took a picture of Flat Travis there. I also went by my friend Debbie Smith's office and surprised her. She was just tickled when I showed her Flat Travis. Her son Aaron is in Iraq
and she is very worried about him. I was Debbie's Visiting Teacher when we lived there and
she became very special to me. I miss seeing her.

The morning we left there was a dusting of snow which warranted the schools being closed for the day. I'm sure that would make my friends in Maine laugh! I took the girls and Flat Daddy outside to play in it for a few minutes before we left.

On the drive home the girls finally fell asleep and I had a few minutes of peace and quiet and
I listened to the Inauguration on NPR. It was wonderful!


Jami said...

I love the flat daddy! Whoever came up with that has got to have a pretty grand mansion being built in heaven!

Everybody's so cute and happy. Except for the I've-had-enough shot. That's cute but sad.

Jennifer said...

I love the pictures of the two girls asleep side by side! How cute! Glad that you had a fun trip!