Sunday, February 01, 2009

A few pictures from last week...

Lily loves to wear dresses and these little dress up shoes.
She has 2 pairs of them and has been known to wear them when we
go to check the mail, take out the trash, or to play outside with the kids.

When it is sunny and warm Katy loves to be outside
and just wears herself out completely by walking around
everywhere. She's pretty quick she goes with
my camera case.

I have started curling Lily's hair for church and she
enjoys the whole process. She is such a priss!

I caught a shot of Nana with the girls. They were crawling
all over her fighting for her attention. They love their Nana
and she loves her grand babies!

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Anonymous said...

Nana looks like she is getting a lot of bonding time in and that is good because Japan is a long ways away.