Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The latest in winter fashions

It was hard to tell if it was Iceland, Maine, or Georgia today because it was sooooo cold and windy. I needed to do a 3 miler and prefer to be outside instead of inside on a treadmill, so I braved the elements. I actually really like walking in cold weather because it feels good to me and I'm usually comfortable once I warm up. But, it was 22 degrees this morning when I was headed to the track and I realized that I wasn't prepared for the wind and needed a hat. What to do.... luckily Katy's sweater was in the car, so I zipped it up, tucked in the sleeves and voila! But, fortunately no one saw me because I was the only person crazy enough to walk outside in this weather.


Anonymous said...

You could have been here in Germany as it has been really cold here this winter.

I can tell you weren't in Iceland because there are trees in the background! LOL

You do get a gold star for walking in the freezing cold though.

Julie said...

Ingenius hat! Way to go! It snowed here in Norway today and I just stayed inside. I'm a wuss.