Friday, February 06, 2009

Sweet Sisters

It was a beautiful day and we were outside enjoying the sunshine. I have been noticing lately that Lily has been playing better with Katy. It has only taken 13 months for her to start enjoying her little sister! It is really sweet and just melts my heart.

Oh, but enough of that sweet stuff......because we know how sweet and cute the girls are, but they are also very busy and curious and can demolish a room in less than 2 minutes. My sister-in-law Kayna, who should write books, wrote about them in her annual "Christmas" letter she sends to family and friends. We just got it this week and it totally cracked me up!! My Mom and I couldn't stop laughing.... here's what she had to say...
"My January highlight was getting a visit from my sister-in-law Meredith and her two darling girls, ages one and two and a half. Wow, was that ever eye-opening! I can now confirm that 28 days with a 4 year old is equal in energy output to four days with a one year old and two year old! Lily and Katy, as adorable as they come, are like a tag team on a search and destroy mission. Someone needs to explain to me why colorful, blinking, noise-making toys are ignored in favor of dirt in planters, rocks in baskets, and ashes in fireplaces! What is the scientific principle that explains this?"


Jeni said...

Don't you just love when they play nicely together? I know it's the highlight of my day when it happens around here!

Julie said...

I love their matching dresses. So springy.