Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Musings

I feel like I've been busy this week. Nothing special just the usual type of stuff: taking care of the kids, going to the gym, grocery shopping, haircuts, making dinner, getting Noah ready for his cub scouts uniform inspection, and getting on facebook. I love facebook!

Noah and Lily went back to school after a week off and I think they were both ready. Noah is always eager to get to learning and being around other kids. Lily was sprinting in the door to her preschool this morning. Miss Casey is her new teacher and she super cute and fun. Lily really likes her and was looking forward to painting.

Travis has been calling and emailing me to get things started for our move to Japan. There's lots of paperwork and appointments we'll need to take care of before we go. Just yesterday I took Katy to apply for her first passport. There's so many little things to work out, but Travis is very organized and is already on top of stuff lining it up to be taken care of. I love that about him.

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