Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My husband is so sweet!

I was completely and totally surprised to receive flowers from Travis today. I think the folks at Brenda's House of Flowers know us pretty well by now because they've delivered flowers to us several times during this deployment.

It was exciting opening the card to find out what the occasion was for getting these. So with Nana, Lily, and Katy standing there waiting, I read the card: "Can you pick me up at the airport on April 25th?" I screamed Ahhhhh and jumped up and down, so Lily did too.

I think it's awesome that Travis is coming home a week earlier! I can't wait!!

Travis thought that since I already had a bunch of vases that I didn't need another one. These came in a bunch and I had to arrange them myself. It wasn't quite as easy as I thought it would be and it took a few minutes, but it was fun. Lily was a big helper.

Travis created a monster when he sent Lily flowers for her birthday because she REALLY wanted to have some of these for herself. Good thing we had another vase just the right size for her to have a some flowers too.

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