Friday, April 03, 2009

Easter Egg-stravaganza!

At the preschool today they had a lots of fun Easter festivities. There was lots of yummy Easter goodies, lots of crafts, and a big Easter egg hunt. But, before the egg hunt all the children met in the chapel and they had a little program for the parents.

The kids are signing to a song about Jesus.

Miss Wendy told them that Easter isn't all about the Easter bunny and candy. She told them the real reason we celebrate Easter using "Resurrection eggs"... inside each egg was something that helped her tell the story of why and how Jesus died on the cross and how He was resurrected.

Let the games begin!!!

Lily would pick up a few eggs and then move on leaving 5 or 6 that she missed. She was so sweet when she started picking up eggs and putting them in the other kids baskets or when she would give them to her friends.

Katy hanging out with Flat Daddy.

Katy is moving Flat Daddy to a different spot.

Katy finds an egg!!

And, there was chocolate in inside... yum! I took it from her right after that before she could eat the paper and make a mess. She didn't seem to mind though and just moved on to something else.

Lily and her teacher Miss Casey.

Someone actually asked me if they could take a picture of us with Flat Daddy.

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Julie said...

I love that there are still places that teach kids about the real reason for Easter! Katy's dress and sweater are ADORABLE. Happy Easter!