Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

It was the perfect weather today for Easter, beautiful and sunny. Everyone looked so cute in their Easter clothes, but as you can imagine getting the kids to cooperate for me to take their pictures was no easy task. I thought it would be a good idea to start off with Lily first and then add the others...
Here is our little Lily so pretty in pink.

Here she is coming....

and going.

A new pose with her basket.

Lily taking a moment

OK, Katy is outside now but not ready to stand still. She is walking off just as I was about to take their picture.
The girls with their baskets and Katy is trying to pull her headband off.

Katy didn't want to pose for pictures she wanted to sit on the ground.

Our handsome Noah!

The sweet and beautiful Katy

Lily did not appreciate Noah taking off her hat. She actually wore it all through church and when I tried to take it off just so I could talk to her without it being in my face, she immediately put it back on.

Finally a decent shot where everyone was looking in the same direction and no one was whining or crying
Here's the superstar as we are getting ready to leave for church

Last night after the kids were asleep I began putting their Easter baskets together and I thought about Travis. I felt a little ache of sadness because this is something we would usually do together for the kids. But, I am so happy that we only have about 3 weeks to go until he comes home and we will be able to have our family together again. The first thing we all want to do is a family pile!

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