Sunday, April 26, 2009

Moving, Moving, Moving....

The last week has been crazy busy. I was getting ready for the move, had the move, and am now in the process of unpacking the house. (Oh, and I managed to squeeze in a 20 mile walk.) I REALLY like this house a lot and the community has everything... great schools, a park, a library, shopping, and restaurants which are all just minutes away.

For a couple of days I was calling all of the utility companies to get service established. That was very time consuming. And, with this fees they charge....these companies should be rolling in the dough. I told my Mom that I had gotten spoiled living in Navy housing and not having to worry about utilities. Now I have to get used to living in the real world.

The Elders Quorum from our ward was so awesome to move our stuff in. We had a good turn out and with so many people it made the job easier, although it was still a lot of work. I really appreciate them and their service to our family.

Now, the unpacking has been going 222222222222222222222222222222220 ...oops, thanks Katy! The unpacking has been going well. I get so much more accomplished when I am by myself because when the kids are there they are right under me. So, I am doing it little by little. They have enjoyed seeing their toys they haven't seen for 8 months, it's like new stuff. Me too, I enjoyed unpacking one of my boxes of clothes that never made it here to my Mom's, so it feels like I have some new stuff too.

We are down to a week until Travis comes home and we are all very excited. I have a feeling this week will be crazy busy too with trying to get everything ready for his homecoming. We can retire Flat Daddy real soon.


Mo said...

Oh my goodness, all that stuff on top of Travis coming home, you are like Wonder Woman!
I'm all antsy for you, we're 4 months out and I've already got a case of nerves. I can imagine you feel like you've sucked on a live wire right about now! Happy to hear you're getting settled nicely, can't wait for some great homecoming pics!!!

The Douglass' said...

One week....that's so great. I bet everyone is getting excited. Lots to do...I know how that goes....good luck.

Meredith said...

Thanks guys! It has been so crazy around here, but good crazy. I don't know where all the energy I have is coming from, but I'm managing to take care of business. I get a little nervous and antsy when I start thinking too much about the actual homecoming. So, I'm just keeping busy and getting through each day now.