Saturday, May 30, 2009

Noah's Boston Trip

Technology is amazing. Carol took her boys and Noah on a trip to Boston, MA this week and she uploaded pictures to Facebook via her blackberry. So, throughout the week I was able to see all of the fun stuff they were doing. Noah also called each night to tell us all about their cool adventures. He said the hotel they stayed in was nice and had an indoor salt water pool. He said they ate lots of good food and one night they had lobster. We have missed him this week but were glad that he was able to go on this trip with his cousins and experience Boston. I'm sure this is a trip he will never forget.

The Mayflower II
Noah on the Mayflower

Tate on the Mayflower

Noah and Tanner at Plymouth Plantation

Noah at Plymouth Plantation

Carol, Tanner, and Tate at Plymouth Plantation

Tate and Noah

The boys enjoying some yummy drinks.

Carol and Tate in a press box during a tour they took at Fenway Park.

Tanner and Noah at Fenway Park

The boys in Little Italy

The Paul Revere house circa 1680. Carol thought this was so cool. I asked her if the boys found it interesting and she said that the history was lost on the boys because they kept asking when they could go back to the hotel so they could swim.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chattanooga, TN

We were talking about what to do for Memorial Day weekend and since most of our little trips are planned around the races Travis wants to run, we decided to go to Chattanooga so he could run a trail marathon. It just so happens that my friend Shannon and her family were planning a trip there as well, so it worked out great. We met up there and stayed at the same hotel. Our rooms were next to each other too so it made things super easy with the kids. It was a very fun weekend!

Travis coming over the finish line at his race.

Lily ran up to meet him to give him a big hug.

Travis turning in his chip....

Here is Noah hanging out with his Dad at the end. We were all very proud of Travis. He said the race was great, very hilly and challenging. Later we checked him for ticks and found at least 5.... oh the joys of trail running.

This is our family and the Harris family as we were about to begin our tour of Ruby Falls. Here we are all fresh and ready to start the tour. So, we get on the elevator and go down 260 feet to start the tour. Little did we know we chose to go on the 2nd busiest day of the year and it was going to be a long way to the falls.

Shannon and Jon

Reese, Noah and Rielly

There were so many fascinating and beautiful things to see.

Most of the time Travis and I juggled Lily and Katy because they both wanted to be carried. Lily still wants to be the baby and she is not afraid to let us know that.

Mommy and baby Lily

A view overhead...

It was exciting to get to the falls at the end and it was so worth it!

This is our family in front of the falls. They were so beautiful that Lily couldn't take her eyes off of them.

After being underground for so long during the tour it was so nice to get outside into the fresh air. This is Travis and Katy looking at a little waterfall and some fish.

Mommy and Katy

Katy trying to climb the fence to look at the fish again.

This is the view from the tower at Ruby Falls.

This is the pool from our balcony.

The water in the pool was pretty chilly but Katy loved it anyway. She was fearless about getting into the pool and kept us busy running after her.

This is Travis teaching Lily how to swim. She made some great progress in just a couple of days. She went from being scared and staying by the pool steps to being able to be in a floaty by herself and taking it off and letting Travis guide her in the water.

Thank goodness Jon brought his Wii because it kept the kids happy when there was down time.

We went to a Chinese buffet for dinner one night. This is my attempt at serving myself some delicious soft serve ice cream. I definitely need more practice on my ice cream serving skills.

The last night we took all the kids to Chuck E. Cheeses so they could get some extra energy out and so that Jon and Shannon could have a little time alone.

The kids enjoyed the pizza and blew through 100 tokens in no time!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cleveland Rocks!!!

Travis and I went to Cleveland last weekend to participate in the Rite Aid Marathon. It was a chance for the two of us to have a much needed get away and for me to do my first marathon. It was a wonderful trip! The first day we walked around downtown and went to the Expo to get our race packets. We also stopped to eat lunch at Jake's Deli and had a very delicious reuben.... my favorite!
Cleveland has lots of buildings with beautiful architecture. It's a shame they don't design buildings like that anymore. I love walking around in a big city. I'm glad I don't live in a big city, but I enjoy visiting them.

Our hotel was right across the street from the Quicken Loans Arena. There was an Andre Rieu concert going on the night before the race.

This was a neat side street with lots of cool restaurants and clubs.

This was near the Civic Center where the Expo was and right across from Lake Superior.

More buildings...

This was on race morning right before it started. It was nice that our hotel was so close to the starting line that we were able to wake up just an hour before the race started and take our time getting there. It was a little chilly but it seemed like most people were dressed like it was freezing. When the race started they played the song "Cleveland Rocks" and it was so fun. I definitely want to have that song on my ipod now.

This is in the first 2 miles of the race near the Cleveland Browns Stadium ... check out the cool windmill. This is also near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I thought this Nike picture was so cool... I have several different shots of it.

We are going over a bridge now... it was probably the biggest "hill" there was in the whole race... the rest of the course was flat, which was just perfect for me, the first timer.

Heading over this really cool bridge, which when looking to the right, gives you a great view of Cleveland.

Interesting architecture...

This is me at the 20 mile mark. The sign had blown over so I stopped to pick it up and it was then I realized how tired my legs were starting to get and I almost fell over trying to do it.

I was starting to really feel tired around mile 23 when Travis said I started getting hormonal. It felt like it was dragging on and on and on.... This was going through the last aid station and everyone was saying "only .50 mile to go!"

Only .20 mile to go... Travis told me to hurry up and go because the team in training folks that I had passed awhile back were gaining on me!

WOO HOO! I finished in 6:25:30 and it was the greatest feeling! When we got home Travis checked the race website for my standing and was excited to tell me that out of the marathon walkers I finished 2nd in the women's age 40-44 division. It feels so good to have actually set a goal, trained for it, and achieved it.

And, the finisher's medal was pretty sweet too!