Friday, May 15, 2009

Last day of preschool

There was a special graduation program and picnic at Lily's preschool today. It was very nice and it made me sad because the school is closing after this year.... the hard economic times has even affected the preschool. I would love for Lily to be able to go there again in the fall because the directors and the teachers are just wonderful. They do such a great job with the children and Lily has had a fantastic experience there.

I had just taken Lily to the bathroom when Travis came and knocked on the door and said Lily is needed up front... so we finished up and hurried up front. I had no idea that Miss Wendy was about to present a special award to Lily and another little girl. Because their Daddy's were in Iraq during the school year, she wanted to recognize them and say thank you. The certificate she presented each of them with read "thank you for sharing your Daddy and being a real hero" It was such a surprise and I didn't quite catch everything she said on the video, but it was so heartfelt and very touching.

The 4 year old graduating class!

After the graduates came in the younger kids followed and Lily was in tears from the moment she saw me. She clung to me and didn't want to go up front and sing songs... so she sat in my lap and just watched everyone.

This is where she was supposed to be singing lots of cute songs.... Poor baby, I guess it was all a little overwhelming for her.

All the teachers got presented with flowers, a little gift, and a name that described them. It was cute... for example one teacher was named Scarlett O'Hara because she was a pretty southern girl and like Scarlett who had the saying "oh fiddle dee dee"... this teacher was always aying "Oh blessed" about everything. She was given a pretty fan.... just like Scarlett.

Time to eat and visit with friends...

and follow Katy around.

So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehn, Good-Bye!!

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