Saturday, May 30, 2009

Noah's Boston Trip

Technology is amazing. Carol took her boys and Noah on a trip to Boston, MA this week and she uploaded pictures to Facebook via her blackberry. So, throughout the week I was able to see all of the fun stuff they were doing. Noah also called each night to tell us all about their cool adventures. He said the hotel they stayed in was nice and had an indoor salt water pool. He said they ate lots of good food and one night they had lobster. We have missed him this week but were glad that he was able to go on this trip with his cousins and experience Boston. I'm sure this is a trip he will never forget.

The Mayflower II
Noah on the Mayflower

Tate on the Mayflower

Noah and Tanner at Plymouth Plantation

Noah at Plymouth Plantation

Carol, Tanner, and Tate at Plymouth Plantation

Tate and Noah

The boys enjoying some yummy drinks.

Carol and Tate in a press box during a tour they took at Fenway Park.

Tanner and Noah at Fenway Park

The boys in Little Italy

The Paul Revere house circa 1680. Carol thought this was so cool. I asked her if the boys found it interesting and she said that the history was lost on the boys because they kept asking when they could go back to the hotel so they could swim.

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