Sunday, June 28, 2009

West Virginia Trip

We took a trip to WV to visit some family last month. It had been quite a few years since we last saw them and we were excited to make the trip.

To keep the kids entertained in the car for the last hour or so of the trip I let them pull all of the tissues out of a box....

and they really had fun with it!

This is Doug and Junemarie. They are so awesome! Thank you guys again for taking such good care of us while we were there.

They have a such a great house.... so comfortable and cozy.

It's in a hollow where they have all the privacy in the world.

These are their horses...

A view of the hollow from their house. It's so peaceful and quiet there.

This is their driveway.... it's a mile long! The night we arrived and Josh had to meet us so we could follow him in. They live well off the beaten path!

Josh took Noah on a ride on the 4 wheeler to go check the mail.

More shots of the horses....

I went for a walk one afternoon and saw some really pretty scenery. I only saw 1 other person and a small pack of dogs during 4 mile walk. The first time I passed the dogs they barked at me and ran up to me, which was a little intimidating... but on the way back they didn't even look my way.

Doug has his own business called Lazy J Saddlery where he makes saddles and other leather items. While we were there he made Noah a leather key chain with his name on it. And, he put a strap on Katy's sandal to keep it from sliding off her foot.

You can check out his website here...

We have never been in a tack shop before, so it was neat to see what Doug does and all of these neat things up close.

There's the strap!

Katy and Lily sat on some saddles....

Doug changing one of Buddy's horse shoes.

Noah and Buddy

The 2nd day we were there all Noah didn't feel well and slept most of the day on the Dora bed. Junemarie is a nurse so she checked Noah out and he had a temp of 102 and his throat was red and inflamed. Poor guy.

Enjoying a game of pool....

Isn't this bed cool? Doug built it himself when he knew we were coming to visit. We felt very special because we were the first guests to sleep in it!

It's lots of fun being on the top bunk....

Travis and Allison

Junemarie with the girls.

Everyone enjoying some delicious ribs that Doug spent the day grilling.

I wonder what is so interesting....

Josh took us on a walk to see this old house that is not far from their property. At first Lily didn't like walking through the wet grass in her Crocs, but once she got over the uncomfortable feeling of it she enjoyed stepping in the puddles!

We told Lily she could pick up little rocks, not big ones, and throw them in the water. So, each rock she picked up she had to ask me "is this a big rock or a little rock?"

Josh walking with Katy through the creek... or as they say in WV, "crick."

Katy and Josh

Travis and the girls

The water is getting a little deep here....

Noah was not at all interested in getting in the creek especially when Josh tried to throw him in. Hey, I'm actually in a picture!

Beautiful sunset over the mountains.

On the drive home we stopped to take pictures of this beautiful bridge over the New River Gorge.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A day at the temple

The Atlanta temple is closing for 18 months for remodeling on July 1st. So, I was very happy that I was able to go with my Mother before it closed to do some work for our family. It was a wonderful experience and I'm glad I was able to share it with her.

I love you Mom!

Don't mess with Mother Nature...

Yesterday a severe storm blew through with lots of rain, lightning, and thunder. This poor tree in our front yard took a beating. It was quite exciting and a little scary for the kids while this was going on. Noah said a prayer that everything would be all right.... and it was. The entire tree is gone now and so is the shade in our front yard.