Monday, July 13, 2009

Grandfather Mountain Marathon and Highland Games

We went to Boone, NC last weekend to see Travis run in the Grandfather Mountain Marathon. We just took Katy with us and were able to enjoy lots of special time with her. Noah stayed with his cousins and Lily stayed with Nana and they each had a nice weekend too... thanks Carol and Mom for showing them such a good time.

Here we are going to pick up his race packet at Applachian State University. What a great campus in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains! I loved Boone and the surrounding area... it was just gorgeous! I wish I had taken more pictures.

The runners ran up Grandfather Mountain and then finish the race running around the field where the Highland games are held. It was really cool. I caught this picture of Travis right before he was about to go in and circle the field at the end.

Here he is right after he crossed the finish line...

Here Travis and Katy are after the race at the marathon tent getting something to drink.

Travis is giving Katy a kiss while she drinks from his water bottle. Too cute!

While we waited for Travis to come in, Katy and I walked around the Highland games and took in all that was going on. You can see some runners in the bottom right corner of the picture running around the field. There was so much going on... games, people playing bagpipes, dancing, bands playing, food booths and a marathon. It was a very exciting place to be!

Some dancers and another runner...

A cute couple and their little baby... there were lots of people there dressed like this. Yes, lots of men in kilts! I learned that these Highland games are the biggest gathering held every year outside of Scotland.

We sat for quite awhile in the shade and listened to some great Celtic music. I love Celtic music and it was just awesome. It made me want to learn some Celtic songs myself on my violin.... hmm, I'll have to look into that.

Katy enjoying a snack and some shade listening to some great music.

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