Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Princess Camp- Day 2

Today at Princess Camp the girls got to dress up like Jasmine from Aladdin. After it was over she said she didn't have as much fun today because her pants were too big, her shoes were too tight, and she didn't like the way her hair felt up in a bun. So, she lost interest in the class before it was over.

Here they are dancing in a circle...

playing with scarves....

Here is Miss Neta trying to get Lily to come back to the group.... Lily is laughing and running away...too funny!

After class Lily was not willing to stand and pose for me to get a close up picture in her costume... this was about as good as I could get. Lily is playing with Rielly.... we are sad that her family is moving to Nashville this weekend. We're really going to miss them and I especially will miss my new friend Shannon. :(

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