Sunday, August 30, 2009

Playing in the rain...

It rained quite a bit today and the girls needed to get some energy out so we put on their rain boots and they went outside to play in the rain. After stomping in puddles for awhile they ended up on the porch playing with bubbles and cups. It was fun!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

11 days to Virginia Beach...

The 1/2 marathon is next weekend and I did a 10 mile walk today... it's my last long walk before the race next weekend. It went well and I felt pretty good although I was slower than I would like to be. I hope on race day I can speed things up a bit. My training for this has been so laid back compared to training for the marathon.... that completely consumed my life. A half is definitely more manageable!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Eatonton, GA Weekend Trip

We went to see Travis run in the Xterra Rock Hawk Trail Run (21km) over the weekend. We spent the night before the race in Madison, GA and then got up bright and early on race morning to go over to Eatonton where the race was.

Travis and Noah before the race walking down to the starting area.

The race begins...

Noah high fiving Travis as he runs by.

Great job!!

Taking a breather.

That's my man!

Travis putting his very sweaty arm around me after the race.

Lake Oconee

While waiting for Travis to run his race we hung out by the lake. It was the perfect day to be outside... what a treat for it being the end of August.

Too cute....If only that sippy cup wasn't there.

My baby Katy

I got this great shot of Noah throwing rocks into the Lake....That kept him busy for quite awhile.

The kids by the Lake.

Travis visited Rock Eagle when he was in the 6th grade and has talked about wanting to take us there for a long time. So, after his race we went and I'm so glad we did because it was very interesting and I think Noah got a lot out of it. He asked lots of questions.... oh wait, he always asks lots of questions.

This is a cool tower where you go up to the top to look out over the rocks.

Climbing the stairs to the top of the tower.

These rocks are believed to have been put here by the Indians thousands of years ago.

Looking out over the rocks from the tower.

Travis and Noah reading about Rock Eagle.

The weather was perfect and the clouds in the sky were so beautiful.


Welcome to the Planet!!

Carol is opening up a new Planet Smoothie in 2 weeks. On Saturday we stopped by the store to see how things were going and she and Ed were there organizing and tidying up. It's an awesome place!

We are so excited for Carol and her new business.

A very cool "Welcome to the Planet" sign

Carol and Ed

Ed working hard...

The girls dresses match the Planet Smoothie motif...

Look at me careful Lily!!

Nana and Katy

Monday, August 17, 2009

Where has the summer gone?

It has been several weeks since I posted anything.... wow, time flies. The summer is over and everyone is back in school again. Noah started the 3rd grade, Lily has started going to preschool 3 mornings a week, and Travis started fall classes at GA Tech. We are settling back into a routine again after our laid back summer. Well, trying to anyway...

We had a pretty active summer. Since Travis came home in May he has run 3 marathons and is planning to run a half marathon this weekend. Labor Day weekend we are both going to do the Rock N' Roll half in VA Beach. I can't wait to see my friend Michelle... she's doing it too. Looking back on the training I did for the marathon in May I had it pretty good because the weather was so nice. Now, it's brutal to walk or run in the heat and I'm considerably slower. We have been to Kennesaw Mountain a few times for long walk/runs on the trails. It's nice being in the woods but is still so hot. The other day Travis kept telling me to breathe in through my mouth... deep breaths.... but I was basically hyperventilating and couldn't. I hate the heat and my training is definitely not what it was back in the spring and I hope that I'll be ready for the half. At least I have been doing classes at the gym several times a week and have been getting cardio that way. I have really enjoyed this Body Combat class... it's mixed martial arts. Body Pump, Body Flow, and RPM have also been enjoyable.

We are planning to do a half marathon each month this fall and I am particularly excited about this women's only half that I'm doing in November in St. Petersburg, FL. I've never done a race with women only.... Should be fun.

Let me leave you with a few pictures from this summer....

Having fun in our little pool in the backyard.

Lily and Noah standing outside in the rain looking at the tree that just fell in the yard.

Lily faking her nap.

Katy loves books almost as much as Lily and is always eager to sit in your lap to be read to.

Here she is looking at her Baby Signs book.

At a truck stop on the way to WV...

Lily was not happy with this pose and Daddy had to rescue her.

A Sunday stroll on the Silver Comet Trail

Daddy sharing smoothies with his favorite girls.

The girls eating together at a family picnic in Tifton

Noah's first day of 3rd grade.