Monday, August 24, 2009

Eatonton, GA Weekend Trip

We went to see Travis run in the Xterra Rock Hawk Trail Run (21km) over the weekend. We spent the night before the race in Madison, GA and then got up bright and early on race morning to go over to Eatonton where the race was.

Travis and Noah before the race walking down to the starting area.

The race begins...

Noah high fiving Travis as he runs by.

Great job!!

Taking a breather.

That's my man!

Travis putting his very sweaty arm around me after the race.

Lake Oconee

While waiting for Travis to run his race we hung out by the lake. It was the perfect day to be outside... what a treat for it being the end of August.

Too cute....If only that sippy cup wasn't there.

My baby Katy

I got this great shot of Noah throwing rocks into the Lake....That kept him busy for quite awhile.

The kids by the Lake.

Travis visited Rock Eagle when he was in the 6th grade and has talked about wanting to take us there for a long time. So, after his race we went and I'm so glad we did because it was very interesting and I think Noah got a lot out of it. He asked lots of questions.... oh wait, he always asks lots of questions.

This is a cool tower where you go up to the top to look out over the rocks.

Climbing the stairs to the top of the tower.

These rocks are believed to have been put here by the Indians thousands of years ago.

Looking out over the rocks from the tower.

Travis and Noah reading about Rock Eagle.

The weather was perfect and the clouds in the sky were so beautiful.


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