Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blue Ridge, GA Weekend

I haven't had time to blog about my girl's weekend to Blue Ridge a couple of weeks ago and my friend Shannon was nice enough to let me borrow the post she did on her blog....

Thanks, Shannon!!
A much needed NO KIDS weekend!

6weeks or so ago, we decided it was time to start planning a girls weekend. Sarah P booked the cabin and 8 of us committed. Then we waited and waited and waited and waited. This was especially exciting for me since these were my friends that live in Woodstock so I was super excited to see them again.

Friday came and I dropped the kids off and headed out to GA. What was supposed to be a 3.5hr drive for me turned out 4.5hrs since of course I got lost. But I did make it to beautiful Blue Ridge! Our cabin was little but super cute!!!

The cabin had a hot tub that was supppppposed to fit 6 people... so we tried it out.

We got 5....
How bout 6...

only 7??? Nope, for a few moments, we had all 8 of us in this puppy!!
Where'd the water go?!?!?

We played some fun cardgames!!

Here's the group of us right before rafting
And after.. nothing like a lunch at Sonic!!

Saturday night we decided to check out the town of McCaysville, GA.... Cute street name huh?
This was one lucky Indian!

I crossed the line!!
This was the Mexican restaurant where we learned that enchilada/taco seasoned water can be substituted for mild salsa.... huh. Thanks again Amber for dinner!!

Only in small southern towns can you find this!
Something we all should follow!

Little sleep and good friends make for one tired group!
But that didn't stop us for a round of Phase 10!
And then it was time to go home. It was a super fun weekend and I'm so glad we were all able to make it!! Hopefully we can do this more often! And I only got lost once going home! I ended up driving through some national forest I don't remember seeing before but it sure was a pretty drive even though it added about 20 extra miles!
Thank you ladies!!!

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