Thursday, September 03, 2009

Planet Smoothie- Woodstock VIP Party

The day before Planet Smoothie opened there was a VIP party to have folks come in and check things out. There was a good crowd and it was a lot of fun.

Yay, Carol and Ed!

Some smoothie fans gathering out front.

Travis and me

Ed and Nick

There were lots of smoothies to taste...

We were excited that some of our neighbors came to the party.

Here are the fabulous smoothie blenders... Garret, Stephanie, Josiah and Tanner.

Lily loved playing with the cup man. Look at the smile!

Mom, Katy, and Jeff Selman. We were excited to see Jeff and his son William because we hadn't seen them in years. William is at least 6 ft tall now!

Love this picture of my sweet sister and brother!

Katy taking it all in....

Lily and Katy with their cousins Lucy... and Sam is right behind them.

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