Sunday, September 20, 2009

White Water Rafting.....

Another borrowed post from Shannon's blog.....

I'll soon be able to sit down and post all about the wonderful weekend I just got back from. But in short, myself and 7 of my friends from GA got together in a super cute cabin in Blue Ridge, GA for a weekend. One of the activities we did was go white water rafting down the Ocoee river.

7 out of 8 of our group waiting for our turn down the river! Meredith, Sarah, Mary Jo, Siciley, Rebecca, Brenda and myself-- Amber was taking the picture.

Fresh faced and ready to go!!!

Amber was practicing.. hard!

This guy that you can't see very good was the most beautiful rafting instructor our there!!! Too bad he was with a different company!

Before risking our lives!

and here we go!

Amber and Merediths raft

So our guide, Greg, had us play a little game of "trust".. where we all had to stand on the side of the raft and hold hands and whoever touches grey in the middle gets pushed into the water. He then makes us let go of hands and just balance. Needless to say, we were all thrown into the water. Thank you Greg!

This poor group got stuck on the rocks and their guide made them all get out to get in unstuck..

***These were all pictures taken by the company as we were coming by. The first two shots are Ambers and Merediths raft with Amber in the front and Meredith in the orange.

***This was our raft of Siciley, Mary Jo, myself, Brenda, Sarah and Rebecca***
Siciley was fortunate (or unfortunate) to "ride the bull"

Yup- those are her feet in the air there!

The funny thing about these pictures is good ol Mary Jo in the back smiling for the camera each time!

Before we finished our run, Greg took us down these rapids that were pretty intense. I guess it was called "Hero"... well needless to say, because we followed his directions, our whole raft tipped and we all fell out!!! Poor Sarah- she was stuck under the raft and for some off reason, she thought she was supposed to stay there. So she did.. and she waited for all of us to come underneath the raft too!!! Greg rescued her but boy did we have a good laugh! This was right after he said no matter what, do not stay under the raft should it tip.
We survived! And we're STILL smiling!! It was awesome!!

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