Sunday, October 04, 2009

Meet Pepper!

Last weekend we got a dog! She is an older puppy... a dachshund and fox terrier mix. She was at Petsmart as one of the adoptable dogs the Humane Society brings up there on the weekends. It was a cool, rainy day and I just hopped out of the car to take a look so the kids didn't have to get out in the rain. Once I found her and held her I didn't want to put her down again.... you know how that goes! So, between me and Travis we let the kids see her in shifts and they fell in love with her immediately. It just felt right and we lucked out because she is a wonderful dog. She is very gentle with the kids and loves to be around all of us..... either being held or sitting next to us. She is very playful and wants to chew up anything that is left on the floor... stuffed animals, anything plastic, and crayons. Crayons seem to be her favorite. It's kind of nice because the kids are picking up after themselves more because if they don't then Pepper will probably get it!

Noah is so happy to have a dog!

Pepper will never want for love again because the kids fight over who can hold her.

Here she is chasing a little red light on the floor... she goes crazy trying to get it.

Lily is trying to be gentle... we are always telling the kids to give gentle hugs.

So sweet!

Now that we have a dog Katy says dog all the time or "Peppuh"

We love this dog!

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Anonymous said...

The kids and Pepper all look like they are so HAPPY!!!!
Enjoy the new family member.