Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween has been going on all week in our house with a pre- school costume parade, trunk or treat at church last night, and trick or treating tonight.... definite maximum Halloween coverage this year!

This is Lily last night before going to the trunk or treat. If you can't tell what she is she is supposed to be "Jitterbug Judy."

Don't you just love that poodle skirt!

Katy is getting ready for the evening's festivities.

Hooray for Halloween!

Katy is a fairy, Noah is a ghoul of some sort, and Lily decided to go with the princess costume from last year minus the pretty hat that goes with it.

This is Noah and his friend Lucas who is an expired milk carton. I thought that was way cute! Check out the mold spores at the bottom of the carton.

I went went around our neighborhood with all three of them and hit about 6 houses and they got plenty of loot. Then we went back to the house because it started to rain pretty hard and so we could visit with Nana. She had been out of town for about 10 days and the girl's couldn't wait to see her. Later Travis took Noah out with his friend Anthony to hit the neighborhood next to ours..... oh, so much candy! Lily is not a night owl and prefers to go to bed early... she was asleep by 7:45, so when Noah returned he and Katy sorted through all of the goods. Happy Halloween!


malvs2walk said...

they look adorable in their costumes!

meredith said...

Thanks Maryann!

Julie said...

We were thinking about you the other day. Brooke and Jerry Cook came to visit us here and we were reminicing about Iceland. They were happy to hear you were all doing well. The kids look great in their costumes!