Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Women's Half Marathon

We traveled to St. Petersburg, FL last weekend so I could participate in the inaugural Womens' half marathon. Normally, when we travel to for races it's to be the support crew for Travis, but this time I was the participant and it was sooo much fun! Travis, the girls, and Pepper met up with me several times along the course to cheer me on.

This is at mile 2 and it's early so I'm still pretty fresh.

Travis said the fountain was a nice diversion for the girls who got a little bored with all of the waiting around to see Mommy.

It was awesome to be a part of an all women's race and now I would like to do more of them. There were virtually no lines for the bathrooms, the goodie bag was awesome, and the finisher's medal was sweet! The ladies know how to put on a race :)

Still feeling good around mile 8.

It started getting pretty hot around mile 10.

Lily ran out to meet me as I was nearing the finish line.

She ran with me to the end and she was loving it.

I was loving it too!!

Lily thought that since I got a medal that I won. I told her in a way I had because just finishing is a victory to me! I also told her maybe one day we can come back and do this race together... she liked that idea.

Monday, November 16, 2009

This and that

I haven't had much time to post lately so I thought I would just add a few pics from the last couple of weeks....

The kids were off from school one day so I took them and a couple of friends to lunch and the park. It was a gorgeous day!

We went to dinner at the Marietta Diner with my old friends Jack and Larry. We met them there and arrived within minutes of each other but were seated on opposite sides of the restaurant. So we were waiting for them and they were waiting for us- it was 45 minutes before we saw each other! Talk about aggravating... it's actually pretty funny now.

I love these guys! It was so nice to hang out with them again.

There was a Thanksgiving program and feast at Lily's pre-school last week. Here is little Lily the pilgrim girl.

There was a guy playing the guitar and singing lots of fun songs about Thanksgiving.

Here are Lily and Katy having lunch after the program.

According to Noah, Pepper decided to roll in a dead rat while he was walking her. So, here she is getting a good scrubbing!

Noah is working on a poster that goes along with his book report. He did a great job drawing the main character of the book and it too him no time at all. His report is not due until Thursday, and he decided to get it out of the way so he doesn't have to worry about it anymore. Way to go Noah!