Friday, December 25, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas!

We have had an awesome Christmas morning! It's so nice to be together this year unlike last year when Travis was in Iraq.

Before the raid...

The girls got cabbage patch dolls and Noah a roborover.

Lily emptying her stocking...

Lily opening her very own violin.

Katy opening her maracas!

Travis has a fever, and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL!

Noah made an awesome tile at school just for Mom and Dad... I love presents like this!!

Had to get a new plate for the van....

It was the cutest thing when we were putting out the Little People wedding set... Travis found this cute little set of missionaries, so we just added them to the party when we noticed we had 2 brides, and one groom, a baby, and 2 missionaries... we thought it was kind of funny!

Travis and Katy taking a little break from opening presents...

OK, let's back to business...

This is the cutest card from Noah!


Travis and his very own "Cocky" platter.

Some Bakugan from Grandpa Tom and Grandma Molly!

This is cute!

I was encouraged to hurry up and open this present...

Wow, pick footed jammies!!! When Pepper saw me in them she started barking at me and backing away under the table.

Polo cologne for Daddy... he ran out a few weeks ago and was really happy to get some more.

Clothes and, they're OK.

Now, this is good!

Oooh, kitchen stuff!

Presents from Grandpa Tom and Molly.

A girl can never have enough pink!

Wow, more presents from Grandpa Tom and Molly!

Lily sounds awesome on her violin!

We knew that Noah was really looking forward to getting a Wii for Christmas and there weren't any presents left but one. It was a Wii game with a clue that said "it seems that our chores are never really done, so go check the recycling in the garage."

What is this?

One happy kid!

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